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Matt Vasilogambros

Matt Vasilogambros writes about immigration and voting rights for Stateline. Before joining Pew, he was a writer and editor at The Atlantic, where he covered national politics and demographics. Previously, he was a staff correspondent at National Journal and has written for Outside. In 2017, he completed the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. He is a graduate of Drake University.

Election Experts Warn of November Disaster

The primary season underlined some new problems and others that have been apparent for years.


Does the US Need a Task Force To Negotiate With Terrorists?

Diane and John Foley want to start a conversation on the U.S. policy that they say led to their son's execution by ISIS. By Matt Vasilogambros


Here's What You Need to Know About Thailand's Military Coup

U.S. officials are keeping a close eye on the action since a formal coup could significantly impact U.S.-Thai military relations. By Matt Vasilogambros


Will Ukraine Become a Proxy War Between U.S. and Russia?

The main reason the U.S. cares about the violence in Ukraine? Vladimir Putin. By Matt Vasilogambros

Science & Tech

A Look at the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal, From 1945 to Now

Air Force officials say the country's nuclear arsenal is safe despite recent reports of crime and corruption. But what does it actually look like? By Matt Vasilogambros.


U.S. To Release Its Review of Spying Practices By Year's End

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the results of a review of the way the U.S. gathers intelligence will be released by the end of the year. By Matt Vasilogambros


More Americans Are Questioning Why We Went to Afghanistan in the First Place

A new poll shows an overwhelming majority of Americans are tired of the war in Afghanistan. By Matt Vasilogambros


Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Coming Soon—and John Kerry May Be the Reason Why

The secretary of state made the announcement in Jordan on Friday. By Matt Vasilogambros


Americans Turn on Obama Over Foreign Policy

Once considered the president's strength, a new poll shows troubling signs.