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Melissa G. Dalton

Director, Cooperative Defense Project at CSIS

Melissa Dalton is a Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of the International Security Program, and the Director of the Cooperative Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Toward A Smaller, Smarter Force Posture in the Middle East

The National Defense Strategy’s turn toward Russia and China requires the U.S. military to alter its Gulf assets.


Reducing the Human Costs of ‘By, With, and Through’

Partnered operations put civilians at risk, which puts U.S. goals at risk. Here are some options for addressing the issue.


How Should the Pentagon Reshape Its Mideast Posture? Four Indicators to Watch

A tour of possible scenarios reveals what U.S. policymakers ought to be focused on as they chart the future of regional force posture.


It’s Long Past Time to Rethink US Military Posture in the Gulf

The rift between Qatar and other Gulf nations should prompt a long-overdue review of what the Pentagon keeps in the region, and where.


The Best Way To Save Obama's Camp David Summit

U.S. and Arab leaders can launch a framework for security cooperation easily enough, but enduring success will require deeper thinking.


How the US Can Turn the GCC Into a Lasting Military Alliance

The Islamic State has achieved one thing: it got the GCC to agree on something. Now, can the U.S. make it last? By Melissa G. Dalton