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Nate Christiansen

Nate Christiansen is a student at the George Washington University School of Law. He wrote "The Accessibility of Atrocity: A Case Study of Responsibility During The Holocaust" for his M.A. in history from Western Washington University.

It Was Time to Leave Syria Anyway

If the gains won by Kurdish and Arab sacrifice completely depend on our continued military presence, then they were illusory to begin with.


All the Times Trump Has Invoked ‘National Security’

The president does so a lot — mostly in regard to immigration and trade.


The Secrecy Surrounding the John Doe-ISIS Case Is the Real Threat

An accused terrorist may go free because the Trump administration demanded an end-run around the rule of law.


On Torture, America Must Reckon with More than Gina Haspel

From allies’ mistrust to the fate of the 9/11 detainees, the U.S. legacy of atrocity still corrodes national security.


Give ISIS Fighters Due Process

'Even in victory and when stung by injury,' we must hold to the law — lest we grant extremists a victory of their own.