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Olga Khazan


We’re Not Ready for Another Pandemic

The next big plague is coming, and despite making progress on pandemic preparedness, the U.S. might still suffer mass casualties. Here’s why.


The One Area Where the US COVID-19 Strategy Seems to Be Working

By spending lots of money and not worrying about liability, America is beating Europe in the vaccine race.


The Most American COVID-19 Failure Yet

Contact tracing works almost everywhere else. Why not here?


The Four Key Reasons the US Is So Behind on Coronavirus Testing

Bureaucracy, equipment shortages, an unwillingness to share, and failed leadership doomed the American response to COVID-19.

Science & Tech

FDA Approves the Pentagon's Bionic, Mind-Controlled Arm For Public Use

The DEKA arm is part of a larger, $100 million Defense Department program aimed at improving prosthetics. By Olga Khazan