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Philip Bump

Philip Bump
Philip Bump is a writer at The Wire.

Rand Paul (Sort of) Clarifies His Position on Iran

Calling it 'strategic ambiguity' ahead of the 2016 election, the Republican senator tries to explain his stance on a nuclear Iran. By Philip Bump

Science & Tech

NSA Hacked Google and Yahoo, New Snowden Docs Say

According to new documents provided by Edward Snowden, the Washington Post reports that the NSA spied on Americans by tapping into major data interchanges at Google and Yahoo without their knowledge. By Philip Bump


U.N. Releases Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack, But Doesn't Assign Blame

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon calls the attack a "war crime" but doesn't name the perpetrators. By Philip Bump


What the NSA's Compliance Data Tells Us

One piece of data, left unredacted in its report to Congress, appears to give more information on the surveillence program than the NSA has ever released publicly. By Philip Bump


The Filmmaker Behind the Edward Snowden Leaks

A new <em>New York Times</em> magazine profile describes how far Laura Poitras has gone to protect her privacy, while also reporting on the government's surveillance programs. By Philip Bump


How the NSA is Using Cell Phone Data to Drone Civilians (In Pakistan)

Technological shifts have allowed agency to pinpoint terrorist targets. By Philip Bump