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Robert Faturechi

Robert Faturechi is a reporter at ProPublica covering money in politics. He has written about the Trump administration’s deregulation efforts, the overlap between the personal finances and official actions of HHS secretary Tom Price, corporate influence in state politics and the lax rules governing super PACs.

Senate Intelligence Chair Dumped Stock After Publicly Downplaying Coronavirus

Burr, who had been receiving daily coronavirus briefings, sold the stock the week before markets began to decline.


After Discovering a Sailor With Coronavirus, the US Navy Crowded Dozens Into One Space

The incident shows how hard it may be for the Navy to limit coronavirus spread aboard its ships.


17 Sailors and Six Marines Died in Avoidable Accidents. Congress Asks: Are the Problems Fixed?

After ProPublica wrote about inadequate training and faulty equipment, lawmakers grilled Navy and Marine leaders about the accidents and whether America is ready for war.


A Marine Squadron Leader Begged for Help Before a Deadly Midair Crash. Now Congress Wants Answers

DOD's secret investigation into the 2018 collision shows the squadron leader had repeatedly asked for more training time, senior enlisted, and gear.


Iran Has Hundreds of Naval Mines. The US Has a Handful of Old Minesweepers

The Navy's minesweeping fleet may once again be called into action, but their sailors say the ships are too old and broken to do the job.