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Russell Berman

senior associate editor, The Atlantic

Russell Berman is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic, where he covers political news. He was previously a congressional reporter for The Hill and a Washington correspondent for The New York Sun.

2020 Could Be 'Darkest Winter in Modern History,' COVID Whistleblower Says

The United States dropped the ball early in the pandemic, and remains unready for painful months to come, Rick Bright tells Congress.


Will the Government Ever Reopen?

After a contentious meeting with lawmakers, President Trump said the government could stay closed “for a very long period of time,” and mused about declaring a state of emergency.


Trump’s Untested Authority to Revoke Security Clearances

Can the president restrict a person’s access to classified material for any reason he wants? It may take a lawsuit from former CIA Director John Brennan to find out.


Does the US Military Need a Space Corps?

A proposal in Congress would create the first new uniformed service in 70 years, but it faces opposition from the Pentagon.


Devin Nunes Dives Back into the Russia Investigation

The California Republican supposedly stepped aside from the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. But on Wednesday, he used his power as chairman to issue subpoenas related to the inquiry.


White House Vows to Audit the Pentagon, Which Would Be a First

The goal is audacious enough, but promises of a record spending increase makes it even more complicated.


President Trump's First 100 Days Could End in a Government Shutdown

The historical marker on April 29 will coincide with the expiration of federal funding—unless Congress can strike a bipartisan deal in time.


The Senate Will Investigate Russian Interference in the US Election

With Mitch McConnell’s backing, a bipartisan inquiry could bring the first confrontation between Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress.


Trump Makes His Own Head Spin Talking Foreign Policy

The Republican front-runner delivered his most scripted address yet laying out what he called his 'consistent' and 'unpredictable' national security ambitions.


Terror Arrests Pose New Threat to Syrian Refugee Program

Republicans pounced on the news that two men indicted on terrorism charges had been resettled in the U.S. after fleeing Iraq.


A Senate Vote on Donald Trump's Religious Test

Ted Cruz and three other Republicans oppose an amendment resolving that the country "must not bar individuals from entering into the United States based on their religion."


US Seeks to Cut Off Another Route for Terrorist Travel

Lawmakers want to tighten the visa-waiver program to keep Islamic State militants out of the U.S.—and this time, they have the White House’s backing.


Can Terrorists Really Infiltrate the Syrian Refugee Program?

Despite the current uproar, the U.S. has been resettling people fleeing war-torn countries for decades without violent results.


Congress Might Actually Pass a Budget This Year — And Next

Negotiators are close to an agreement that would increase federal spending, and the debt limit, for the next two years.

Science & Tech

The Air Force Will Test the F-35 Against the A-10—But Not Until 2018

Is the Warthog better at defending ground troops? The brass wants to know, not that they're in any rush.


Boehner Snubs Report, Pushes Forward on Benghazi

After the release of a recent GOP-led report vindicating the Obama administration, the House speaker wants to reappoint his own select inquiry into the 2012 terrorist attacks. By Russell Berman


The World's Wealthiest Terrorists

ISIS has made at least $20 million in ransom this year and millions more in oil revenues, the Treasury Department said Thursday. By Russell Berman


The Military Is Spending $750 Million To Fight Ebola In Africa

The American mission in Liberia will take 4,000 troops, cost $750 million, and could last more than a year. By Russell Berman


GOP Hawks Come Out in Force Against Obama's 'Limited' Iraq Airstrikes

Senator John McCain and Texas governor Rick Perry are among the Republicans saying Obama is simply too soft on the Islamic State. By Russell Berman