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Sarah Zhang

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Sarah Zhang is a staff writer at The Atlantic.

The Pandemic’s Next Turn Hinges on Three Unknowns

A potential winter surge is up to vaccines, variants, and us.


A Massive Global Hunt for Variants Is Under Way

Tracking the coronavirus’s evolution, letter by letter, has given us a powerful tool—if we can figure out how to use it.


What If We Never Reach Herd Immunity?

Hitting the threshold might actually be impossible. But vaccines can still help end the pandemic.


Vaccine Chaos Is Looming

The COVID-19 vaccines furthest along in clinical trials are the fastest to make, but they are also the hardest to deploy.


The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away

No matter what happens now, the virus will continue to circulate around the world.

Science & Tech

New DNA Database Allows Far Faster Searches for Pathogen Genomes

For the first time, it’s possible to easily answer a question as simple as: “Have we seen this thing before?”