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Scott Beauchamp

Scott Beauchamp is a veteran and writer. His work has appeared in The Baffler, The Daily Beast, and Bookforum.

When the Enemy Is Everywhere: The Rise and Fall of the 'Kill Box' in US Military Strategy

Once a hallmark of state-on-state conflict, simply finding oneself inside of an American kill box in today's counterterrorism wars is enough to be retroactively defined as guilty.


Drone Pilots Are Breaking the Old Definitions of Valor

Traditional notions of heroism don't always leave room for those U.S. troops engaged in high-tech, cutting edge warfare.


The US Military: An Alternative to the Brutalities of the Modern Economy

Millions of service members who live on military bases around the world experience a kind of economic and social security foreign to most of America’s middle class.


Ignoring Guantanamo Won’t Make It Go Away

Fixing the mistakes of Gitmo will require Americans to step up and shoulder the burdens of war.


Military Experience Isn't Preparing Veterans for Private Success

It may be less about training and more about ethos. You already chose honor over money.


Does America Really Need To Be the Leader of the Free World?

An MIT professor and a war veteran discuss whether the U.S. should respond to every crisis that pops up across the globe. By Scott Beauchamp