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Selim C. Sazak

Selim C. Sazak is a non-resident fellow at the Abu Dhabi-based think-tank Delma Institute and a doctoral candidate at Brown University.

Where Can the US and Turkey Go From Here?

The battle to save the relationship will not be an easy one, but we have not lost it just yet.


Turkey’s Potemkin Defense Industry

Why does President Erdogan want the appearance of a self-sufficient defense industry more than the actual existence of one?


How Green Energy Will Help Slow Nuclear Proliferation

The move to renewable energy offers the ability to delineate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ nuclear actors in a way that we simply can’t today.


Why Turkey Chose, and Then Rejected, a Chinese Air-Defense Missile

Ankara's decisions say a lot about what Turkey wants from the U.S. and NATO, if only the West will listen.