US Announces Another $550M In Ukraine Military Aid

Funds will cover thousands of additional howitzer and HIMARS ammunition rounds


Biden Picks Next Space Force Chief

If confirmed, the missileer and satellite operator would become the newest service’s second leader.

Exclusive Threats

National Guard Considering Major Expansion in Indo-Pacific

In an interview, Gen. Dan Hokanson says Guard seeks to amplify its training presence because of China’s increased aggressiveness.

Science & Tech

Five Space Lessons Russia’s Invasion Taught Ukraine

Kyiv now wants its own imagery and comms satellites—and a stealthy way to launch them, a former space agency head says.


US Sending More HIMARS to Ukraine

Pentagon says latest $400M aid package includes precision rounds to “save ammo;” Russia may have paused to reset after tough Luhansk fight.


Abe’s Unfinished Legacy: Leading Japan and its Military to Confront Modern Threats

The assassinated former prime minister was still working to guide Japan out of post-war pacifism and into a more global stance with counter-strike capabilities to deter China.


Pentagon Is Seeking Air-Defense Options For Ukraine

Biden told Zelenskyy that anti-cruise missile systems will be part of a future security package.


US Sending More HIMARS Artillery to Ukraine

Just days after announcing a new billion-dollar weapons shipment, the White House announces $450 million more.


Ukrainian Fighter Pilots: Send Better Jets and Air Defenses

They’ve shot down a few Russian cruise missiles—but they could do far more with modern gear.