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Tanvi Misra

Tanvi Misra is a staff writer for CityLab. She covers immigrant communities, housing, economic inequality, and culture. She also authors Navigator, a weekly newsletter for urban explorers. Her work also appears in The Atlantic, NPR, and BBC.
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The Bay Area’s Spy Camera Ban Is Only the Beginning

San Francisco just became the first city to ban use of facial recognition technology by government entities. Oakland may be next.


Illegal Immigration Doesn’t Cause Crime

A review of the available evidence shows no link between illegal immigration — currently at a decade-long low — and crime.


The Border Patrol’s ‘Constitution-Free’ Zone Is Probably Larger Than You Think

All of Michigan, D.C., and a large chunk of Pennsylvania are part of the area where Border Patrol has expanded search and seizure rights. Here’s what it means to live or travel there.