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Thomas W. Spoehr

Director, Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense

Thomas W. Spoehr, a retired Army lieutenant general, is director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense.

Coerced Ethics Pledges Harm National Defense

There is a process for changing the law, and extortion of individual DOD nominees is not it.


Want to Shed Older Weapons? You Need a Solid Plan

To overcome Congressional resistance, the Pentagon needs to work with combatant commanders and industry to ensure that new systems will be ready to take the place of existing ones.


'Esper's Lie?' I Don't Think So

After nearly a generation of dominating focus on counterinsurgency operations, the U.S. military is underprepared in 2020 for great power competition.


New Transgender Policy Is Grounded in Common Sense

It allows qualified individuals to serve, and excludes only those for whom the stresses of military life present unacceptable risk.


It’s Time to Move US Forces Back to Europe

Basing troops abroad will increase their deterrence, make them readier to fight, and even save money.