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Vincent Manzo

Vince Manzo is a nuclear policy analyst. The views expressed here are his own. He is the author of "Nuclear Arms Control without a Treaty? Risks and Options After New START."

If New START Dies, These Questions Will Need Answers

There’s little public indication that the Trump administration is thinking about several things that will happen if the last strategic arms agreement is allowed to expire.


A Closer Look at the Arguments against the Low-Yield SLBM

Why should the U.S. forgo a modest technical adjustment that improves forces supporting its strategy for deterring limited nuclear war? 


Give the Low-Yield SLBM its Day in Court

There are advantages to lowering the yields on a portion of America's nuclear-tipped sub-launched ballistic missiles.


Don’t Kill the Nuclear Cruise Missile

The CBO’s recent cost-cutting option discounts the loss of capability and risks of cancelling the next-generation ALCM.

Science & Tech

When Would Cyber War Lead to Real War?

The method of an attack does not dictate the means of reprisal. By Vincent Manzo