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Zachery Tyson Brown

Zachery Tyson Brown is an intelligence specialist and strategic futurist who works at the intersection of national security, disruptive technologies, and organizational design. He is a Security Fellow at the Truman National Security Project, a proclaimed U.S. Army “Mad Scientist,” and serves on the board of the Military Writers Guild.

The US Intelligence Community Is Being Disrupted

Intel agencies aren’t businesses, but they'd better learn from private-sector giants gone by.


The US Intelligence Community Is Caught in a Collector’s Trap

The information haystack in which we search for useful needles is growing faster than we could ever catch up. Gathering more hay isn't the answer.


All This ‘Innovation’ Won’t Save the Pentagon

The Defense Department, a hierarchy fixated on technology, is unequipped to confront a world of disruptive challenges.


What ‘Game of Thrones’ Teaches Us About Intelligence

George R.R. Martin’s maesters are close to Kent’s ideal intelligence professional — with illuminating similarities and differences.