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Empowering aerospace dominance: RTX is bolstering preparedness for Air and Space Forces against near-peer competitors

As U.S. Air and Space Forces maneuver emerging multipolar threats, they must seek out industry partners that provide modernized capabilities to maintain strategic superiority.


What defense employees can expect if the government shuts down

Here's what would happen to feds' pay and benefits if House Republicans force a shutdown on Oct. 1.


U.S. government shutdown could slow weapons transfers to Ukraine, Taiwan

Contracting and arms transfer vetting departments may not be able to process new requests.

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Maximizing data utility in mission delivery, citizen services, and education

Overview of data and AI/ML underpinnings we see in the public sector today and how they are shaping data-dependent opportunities moving forward.

Defense Systems

One way the Air Force is filling electronic-warfare gaps: hiring interns

The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing is working with universities to recruit young talent for now—and maybe later.


Lockheed aims to hit F-16 production goal by end of 2025

But lawmakers and Pentagon officials want more jets, faster, particularly for Taiwan.


Beset by Russian airstrikes, Ukraine looks to make its weapons abroad

The country’s defense firms have cheap, battle-tested kit—and no safe place to build it.


Science & Tech

France sees smaller future in Africa, larger role in the Pacific, says country’s air force chief

French military is increasing its spend on tankers to be more places at once with a lighter permanent footprint.

Defense Systems

Cyber on the battlefield is about more than IT

The Army successfully tested zero trust in a classified environment during a multinational military exercise.


Marines pause aviation operations after crashes, missing jet

Authorities found a debris field north of Charleston on Monday evening, more than 24 hours after an F-35B disappeared.

Exclusive Business

As Lockheed hungers for F-35 sustainment deal, Pentagon says it might not happen

Company officials no longer expect DOD to approve a switch to performance-based logistics by year’s end.


Army recruiting: better than last year, still short of goal, officials say

The service inducted around 9,000 more new soldiers this year than in 2022, commander says.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 133: Unpacking the 2023 Air, Space & Cyber conference

In this episode, we review several things we learned at the Air & Space Forces Association's biggest annual event.


It may take years for US military to recover from senator's hold, acting Navy chief says

Adm. Lisa Franchetti also urged lawmakers to avoid a shutdown or lengthy continuing resolution.