L3Harris to Convert Embraer KC-390s for Aerial Refueling

The three-year-old twinjet will be an “agile tanker,” L3Harris CEO says.

Anduril Unveils Deployable Military Operations Center

The company hopes the military will test its tech during an upcoming exercise.

Engine Deals Reveal US Wants to Maintain Three Warplane Makers

But the multibillion-dollar deals raise questions about just how far along the Next Generation Air Dominance program is.

Boeing, Northrop Grumman Join Group Pushing 3D Printing to Small Suppliers

The White House-backed compact is also part of an effort to make supply chains more resilient.

US Approves First Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon Sale to Brazil

Brasília wants up to 222 of the weapons, which have been used by the Ukrainian military against Russian tanks.

Major Aerospace Supplier Spirit AeroSystems Looks to Expand Military, Space Business

Company executives see the company playing a larger role in designing hypersonic weapons and next-generation aircraft.

Just Weeks After Saudi Trip, Biden Administration Greenlights $5B in Arms for Gulf Nations

Under the deal, Riyadh could spend $3 billion on Patriot interceptors; the UAE, $2.2 billion on THAAD interceptors.

Lockheed Martin Doubles Ventures Fund as It Hunts for Future Tech Startups

Lockheed plans to continue investing in companies with disruptive technology.