Raytheon Technologies Invests in Hypersonic Aircraft Startup Hermeus

It’s the first investment by the aerospace and defense giant’s new venture arm.


Lockheed Secretly Worked to Block Airbus’ Influence in Washington—While Teaming on Major Pentagon Bid

Internal email reveals U.S. company’s pressure to deny Europeans’ application to powerful trade group.

Navy, Microsoft Team Up for R&D—and the Rights to Sell What Emerges

The Seattle-based tech giant will get access to Naval Postgraduate School facilities and the chance to negotiate exclusive rights for technology it helps develop there.

Boeing’s Low-Ball Defense Bidding Has Come Back to Bite Them

The company has lost billions of dollars and the pandemic is making things worse.

CEO: Boeing Should Have Rejected Trump’s Air Force One Deal

The company revealed that it has lost $660 million outfitting the next presidential jets—so far.

It Will Be Years Before Raytheon Can Build New Stinger Missiles

The U.S. has been sending its Stingers to Ukrainian forces battling Russia.

Lockheed Is Delivering F-35s Late—But the Pentagon Is Also Buying Them Too Quickly, GAO Says

More than one-quarter of recent jets are arriving behind schedule, but ahead of planned components that will require costly retrofits, the watchdog says.

Soldiers Will Have to Wait Until Next Year for New Rifle, Ammo

Sig Sauer’s decade-long contract to make the weapons leads off with a tiny order for quality testing.

Inflation, Supply Problems Could Push F-35 Cost Higher Than Expected, Lockheed Says

Negotiations continue on three batches of jets—Lots 15 to 17—that were expected to be finalized last year.

Pentagon, Industry Leaders Meet to Talk Replenishing Military Weapons Stockpiles

Top-level Pentagon meeting comes as the U.S. prepares to send more sophisticated and lethal weapons to Ukraine.