F-35 finally approved for full-rate production, years late

The program has been stuck in its operational testing phase since 2018.

Some U.S. military aid is still trickling into Ukraine via arms dealers, contracts suggest

Companies that have previously supplied Ukraine are now competing to provide “special ammunition” worth $624 million.

Is Azerbaijan buying Pakistani fighter jets?

Neither Baku nor Islamabad has confirmed a reported purchase of JF-17s.

Rocket Lab won’t be ready to launch its new rocket by year’s end, documents suggest

This likely means a delay for the Pentagon’s effort to boost competition for rocket launches.

The West is underestimating Ukraine’s artillery needs

Russia is producing far more 152mm shells than Ukrainian forces can obtain, researchers say.

Army's scout-helicopter cancellation upends rotorcraft plans

The death of FARA is reshaping the Army’s rotorcraft force structure and realign the retrofit, modernization, and sustainment outlook.

Meet the German company developing sub drones that pass data with sound

Divers’ search-and-rescue missions could soon get assists from drone swarms.

Navy secretary blasts defense industry’s stock buybacks

Del Toro says contractors should invest their record profits in American shipyards and industrial base.

Lockheed vows steady F-35 production amid demand shifts

The Pentagon is reportedly considering a cut to next year’s order but international interest continues to rise.

'Unexpected’ engineering slows price negotiations on USAF radar plane

Air Force officials thought the E-7 would more closely resemble UK’s Wedgetails.

Air Force will narrow its pool of robot wingman vendors within ‘next few months’

The service might be able to pick three companies for the next stage of the competition—if industry shares some of the cost burden.

F-35 engine upgrade on track, despite congressional dysfunction

Pratt & Whitney plans to start delivering the upgraded engines by 2029.

DHS, FBI could search hacked networks under 'problematic' proposal

Industry is balking at several proposed acquisition rules intended to shore up cyber defenses.

USAF tried an electric plane. Now it wants to buy

A three-month test of the battery-powered ALIA has the service looking to move ahead.

2023 sees new record for US government-to-government arms exports, boosted by Ukraine aid

The year’s $80.9 billion total for Foreign Military Sales is up more than half from the previous year.

Innovation needs to go more than skin-deep at the Pentagon, advisory board says

Mid-tier leaders aren’t properly rewarded for risk, the Defense Innovation Board finds.