'ChatGPT, plan my top-secret mission'

Microsoft adds an air-gapped generative AI tool to its cloud services for classified workloads.

Anduril, General Atomics win more USAF money to develop robot wingmen

But the giants they beat out are welcome to pitch self-developed drones for production contracts.

The goal of 100K artillery shells per month is back in sight, Army says

The new supplemental renews the push to boost production sixfold since Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

RTX moves away from competing as a prime for space contracts

COO: “We've got some other strengths in some of the key components that go in the prime satellites and buses.”


ULA has an ambitious plan to ‘reuse’ Vulcan rocket: keep it in space

The heavy-lift rocket’s upper stage might extend its service as a tug or defender.

The F-35 program is costing more and doing less, GAO says

Total sustainment costs are now expected to top $1.5 trillion, even as the jet’s mission-readiness declines.

Pentagon will use commercial space assets in military operations, under new plan

The unclassified document aims “to be transparent” about what the military needs and how private companies fit in.

Defense officials tease new commercial space strategies

The documents would detail how the Pentagon and Space Force want to use private space companies for military missions.

F-35 finally approved for full-rate production, years late

The program has been stuck in its operational testing phase since 2018.

Some U.S. military aid is still trickling into Ukraine via arms dealers, contracts suggest

Companies that have previously supplied Ukraine are now competing to provide “special ammunition” worth $624 million.

Is Azerbaijan buying Pakistani fighter jets?

Neither Baku nor Islamabad has confirmed a reported purchase of JF-17s.

Rocket Lab won’t be ready to launch its new rocket by year’s end, documents suggest

This likely means a delay for the Pentagon’s effort to boost competition for rocket launches.

The West is underestimating Ukraine’s artillery needs

Russia is producing far more 152mm shells than Ukrainian forces can obtain, researchers say.