Army salutes top 10 battlefield inventions

The annual Army's Greatest Invention program cites technologies that are the most innovative from research labs throughout the Army from the preceding year.

There’s a solar battery charger on steroids, a device designed to save burn victims during the critical first 48 hours and a wire kit that eliminates the risk of execution from turret gunners taking down power lines.

With thousands of troops in theater, the inventions from the annual Army’s Greatest Invention program seem to center on keeping soldiers safe and secure.

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Other technological advances include electronic gear that can be strapped to vehicles to protect against improvised explosive devices and the first handheld that provides a low-power direction-finding system, reports Cnet news.

The top 10 inventions are the most innovative technologies from research labs throughout the Army from the preceding year. Army warfighters judge the inventions which are “practical extensions, applications and/or game-changing new products emerging from the Army’s R&D community that improve readiness and positively impact the warfighter,” according to the Army.

Here’s the list:

  1. Burn Fluid Resuscitation Decision Support System
  2. Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System
  3. Landmine Blast Field Event Reconstruction Using Computational Modeling & Simulation
  4. MRAP Overhead Wire Mitigation Kit
  5. Wolfhound Handheld Threat Warning System
  6. 40mm M320 Grenade Launcher
  7. Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare Duke V3 
  8. Upgraded Video from Unmanned Aerial System for Interoperability Teaming - Level 2 for the AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter 
  9. Objective Weapon Elevation Kit
  10. 40mm Pivoting Coupling