The U-2's Latest Feat: Passing Data from F-35s to Army Missiles

A recent demonstration used the old spy plane as an airborne comms relay between fighters and ground-based weaponry.

The US Is Out of Position in the Indo-Pacific Region

A truly joint approach is needed, and the Army has several particular roles to play.

Army Was Reviewing More Than Confederate Base Names, Officials Reveal

Among the potential friction points eyed were Army National Guard units with nicknames honoring Confederate leaders.

GM Believes Army Troop Transport Deal Is Jumpstart to More Military Work

Now the company has its sights on Marine Corps, international, and more Army contracts.

The Army Team That Is Trying to See, and Shape, the Future

The team’s scientists are charting how advances in various fields will unlock more advances, out to 2050.

The Pentagon Must Not Falter in Its Drive To Network Its Weapons and Sensors

American military superiority depends on a complete and successful integration of all services' forces.

Trump Vows to Keep Confederates’ Names on US Army Bases

As the military wrestles with racism and its symbols, the commander-in-chief draws a line.

Dear Mr. Secretary, You Can Rename Army Bases Right Now

If the Army’s civilian leader is serious about starting to address institutional racism, here’s a helping hand.

Petraeus: Take Rebel Names Off US Army Bases

It is time to remove the names of traitors like Benning and Bragg from our country’s most important military bases.

The US Army Has Grounded the Two Pilots Who Flew Low Over DC

Active duty soldiers in the nation’s capital will also be returning home.

Army Scientists: All Strains of COVID-19 Can Be Covered by One Vaccine

The service is on track to produce a vaccine against multiple coronavirus strains by the end of the year. But making it available is the CDC’s job.

A Foreign General Is Helping to Lead US Army Europe. Other Commands Should Take Heed

The German military sends its best to serve as an American general’s chief of staff, to everyone’s benefit.

The Army Wants a Wearable COVID-19 Detector

On Monday, the service issued a request for project proposals through the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium “to develop a wearable diagnostic capability."

US Army Wants to Model COVID's Impact on Combatant Commands

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has sent an urgent request for COVID-19 modeling and prediction analyses services.

Army Research Shows How Do-It-Yourself Facemasks Can Be as Safe as N95s

Personal protective equipment for hospital workers is running out. This design works as well as the best in class.

US Army to Study How Humans Team With AI

A new contract will focus on the teaming aspect of artificial intelligence in warfare by analyzing how humans and machines think when working together.