US Army Aims to Convert Navy Missiles for Remote-Launched Strikes

If experiments prove out, one soldier-operator will be able to pour fires from diverse launchers onto a target.


What Today’s Generals Could Learn from George Washington's Evolution

In his military thinking early on, Washington failed to see the big strategic picture. But the 44-year old war commander "could observe, reflect, and adjust more than most senior commanders.

What the Army's Next App Reveals About Defense Innovation

A major wins an innovation award by proposing to bring hotel-style booking to training ranges.

What Clinton’s Foreign Affairs Article May Mean for the Defense Budget

Her approach, more rebalancing rather than modernizing, avoids a simple zero-sum frame of defense vs. non-defense spending.

Ep. 80: Army Chief Gen. McConville returns

How is the U.S. Army dealing with COVID? And what about that new joint project with the Air Force, CJADC2?

Army Halts Apache Helicopter Deliveries

For the second time in two years, the Army had to stop accepting Boeing's attack helicopter. The exact reason remains unknown.

Will Commanders Trust Their New AI Weapons and Tools?

A study of DOD’s artificial-intelligence efforts reveals a key gap.

Pentagon Leaders Reject Calls for Militarized Election Season

“We support law enforcement,” Army Secretary McCarthy said Tuesday. ”We don’t police American streets.”

The Army Is Working on Augmented Reality Goggles for Military Dogs

A prototype aims to help handlers see things from the dog's point of view, and give commands while staying out of sight.

Worth Preserving: US Military Posture in Germany

Any adjustments to U.S. force posture in Europe should focus first and foremost on sustaining or strengthening readiness.

US Army To Dissolve Rapid Equipping Force, Asymmetric Warfare Group

It’s part of the service’s shift from counterinsurgency to near-peer fights, but some observers are concerned.

Ep. 74: U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville

“The job of the American military is to protect the nation, not to police the nation," McConville said.

From Racism to Russia, Top General Says Army Must Change

Gen. McConville addressed the nation’s internal unrest, trust of the military, even QAnon, in a wide-ranging interview with Defense One.