How US Army Pacific is preparing for war with China

A sprawling, multi-island exercise hones troops’ ability to fight in the jungle, cross “wet gaps,” and operate with multiple partner nations.

'Influencers in uniform' are boosting recruiting, Pentagon says

Troops' social-media posts are "wildly popular because I think youth are looking for authenticity,” says deputy defense secretary.

Soldiers' winning idea hides friendly radio calls in a sea of noise

Innovation competition draws new devices and new methods to a showdown in Hawaii.

US Army’s Pacific corps will invite more allies to join groundbreaking comms platform

Mission partner environment, which debuted with Australia, will be extended to other exercise partners in the coming year.

Army faces logistics, alliance hurdles in the Pacific

Many civilian logistics contractors in the Philippines, a key U.S. ally, are likely too close to China for the U.S. to work with.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 137: AUSA extras

We’ve got a few extra interviews from the sidelines of this year’s Association of the U.S. Army’s conference, in Washington.

$1.3B in Army vehicle parts were stored outside or in other risky ways, report finds

That’s more than half of the engines, transmissions, and other Ground Combat Systems parts entrusted to the Defense Logistics Agency.

Army takes on a naval tinge as it adapts to the Pacific

Undersecretary cites several aspects of the service’s efforts to develop “linchpin” capabilities for the joint force.

Massive defueling of leaky Hawaiian storage facility begins

As 104 million gallons of fuel are hauled to four new locations, a yearslong remediation effort will begin at Red Hill.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 136: AUSA highlights

Defense One staff explain some of the major themes from this year's annual Association of the U.S. Army conference in Washington.

Honeywell shows off augmented-reality headset for tank crews

The goggles are meant to give soldiers in specially-equipped armored vehicles a clear view of the outside.

Army’s hyperconnected visions depend on new approaches to software, networks

Empowering A-teams and Pacific allies requires overcoming barriers to secure access to data.

Army eyes munitions stockpiles amid focus on longer wars

The Army is using robots to help ratchet up shell production, but precision missiles are a harder problem.