DOD looks to solve battlefield network issues

DARPA is reaching out for help in developing radio technology for the battlefield that increases network reliability.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is hosting an informational meeting in January to discuss its Network Universal Persistence program.

DARPA will provide information on the program and begin discussions while addressing questions from potential participants. The event is scheduled for Jan. 5 in Arlington, Va.

The Network UP program will develop radio technology that maintains network reliability when signals are lost during military operations, which is a routine occurrence. Through the Network UP program, DARPA plans to devise technology and a prototype system that enables military wireless networks to send data over dynamic, unstable wireless links.

DARPA wants help in developing approaches to separate the control and data planes across different wireless links. Officials expect to create technology that makes use of the control channel link and will build prototype radio subsystems to evaluate performance.

DARPA announced the event Dec. 18.