DOD seeks cloud-based task management system

The Defense Human Resources Activity is developing a five-year contract for development of a cloud-based task management system.

Defense Department human resource officials are considering a cloud-based enterprise-wide task management system.

In a new sources sought notice, the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) expects to award a five-year contract that uses a software as a service model.

The system must provide interoperability with the Correspondence and Task Management System (CATMS).

Officials are looking for a system that streamlines cross-organizational task management systems and can handle as many as 5,250 users. They are also focusing on disaster recovery and continuance of operations, and services such as system administration and maintenance, adoption services, and training and technical support.

The effort is a response to a 2015 DOD memo regarding CATMS.

DHRA released its notice Feb. 22. Responses are due by March 9.