Get the Defense One App on Your Phone or Mobile Device

Download our free iPhone app for real-time and trending national security news from dozens of news outlets any time, day or night.

When our digital team approached us about building a mobile app for Defense One, they asked us what we thought the app should provide to our readers. My reply was this: we wanted an instant news early bird, anytime day or night. Do you know how most any general news website has built a section for world news or politics news or national news? Well, we want defense and national security news, real-time and trending news, all in one spot.

It is a great privilege for me to announce the release of the new Defense One app available now in the iTunes app store. Download the Defense One app for continuous, real-time national security news and trending articles across dozens of top news outlets. The news doesn’t stop; so don’t wait for a once-a-day roundup. Stop scrolling through a messy Twitter feed gummed with gossip and personalities. The Defense One app provides a constantly updated newsfeed of the most important, most recent and most talked about stories in defense, national security and foreign policy, right at your fingertips. The app also will alert you to any breaking news via push notifications from the Defense One team.

To do the job, the Defense One app combines Defense One’s own original news, analysis and commentary with the most current headlines from more than 50 other defense news sources, outlets and top talkers on Twitter. Its development was a joint effort between our digital team and Sapient Government Services. Look for an Android version to follow in 2014.