Updated Threats

How federal agencies are responding to the Trump assassination attempt

FBI, Secret Service, and others are deploying personnel in response to Saturday's shooting.


Several Pentagon IT programs still lack a cyber strategy, watchdog finds

The programs, used daily by DOD employees, do not even comply with decade-old cybersecurity requirements, GAO concludes.

Defense Systems

Info warriors coming to Navy subs in the Pacific

The move follows two other pilot efforts with Naval Submarine Forces, said Vice Adm. Kelly Aeschbach, the service’s outgoing “I-boss.”


US ‘winding down’ Gaza pier operations

Now, the issue is “getting aid around Gaza effectively,” national security advisor says.


US agrees to build icebreakers with Canada, Finland

White House hopes Ice Pact will boost shipbuilding in democratic countries while it addresses Arctic challenges.


Pentagon expects F-35 deliveries to restart this month

The head of Air Combat Command is “hopeful” the fighter jets will be ready for deliveries to resume in July.

Science & Tech

Ukraine bets on land robots for next phase of war

As it continues to defend against Russian invasion, Ukraine is also seeking billions to supercharge its domestic arms industry.


Russian influence ops are the ‘preeminent threat’ to November's elections, US officials say

Moscow appears to still favor Donald Trump as it promotes divisive narratives and denigrates other politicians, IC and FBI officials said.


Trump pledges to ax Biden’s AI-safety order

The newly adopted Republican platform says the executive order "hinders AI Innovation."


US, allies take down Kremlin-backed AI bot farm

Allegedly launched by a deputy editor at a Russian state-backed news agency, the bot farm spread disinformation on X/Twitter.

Defense Systems

Space operations boss wants more virtual simulations to boost training

After a recent demo, Lt. Gen. David Miller said Space Operations Command needs realistic simulations to train at the highest levels.


The president ordered a board to investigate a massive Russian cyberattack. It didn't.

By not investigating how the SolarWinds hack exploited Microsoft software, the Cyber Safety Review Board missed an opportunity to prevent attacks, experts say.