Putin Urges AI Limits — But for Thee, Not Me?

An attempt to parse the two themes sounded by Russian leaders on artificial intelligence.


Krebs Unloads About Trump’s Election-Fraud Claims

The former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency worries that his firing will hurt the recruitment of future leaders.

Science & Tech

Why Data Privacy Is Crucial to Fighting Disinformation

Information collected as we go about our daily lives can be weaponized into influence operations that are harder to detect.


The Nazi Inspiring China’s Communists

A decades-old legal argument used by Hitler has found support in Beijing.


US Has Achieved ‘Modicum of Success’ in Afghanistan, Top General Says

But years of military stalemate make negotiating with the Taliban the only option, Gen. Mark Milley says.

Exclusive Policy

EXCLUSIVE: Details Revealed in Trump’s Lame-Duck Pentagon Budget Draft

Some of the numbers are “fabricated,” says one official. But they shed light on GOP lines of attack awaiting Biden.

Science & Tech

Combat Simulators Should Also Improve Acquisition, DOD Leader Says

The modeling and simulation tools that train troops and forces should also “revolutionize” design, acquisition, sustainment and test.


We Need a Backup for GPS. Actually, We Need Several of Them

The key is incentivizing adoption of position-navigation-timing alternatives.

Science & Tech

Soldiers Don’t Trust Robot Battle Buddies. Can Virtual Training Fix That?

Allowing soldiers to train their robot wingmen in game environments could be the key to human-machine teaming.


Trump Is Leaving Biden a Mess in Afghanistan

The departing president neither embraced nor fully repudiated America’s mission.


Mapping China’s Sprawling Efforts to Recruit Scientists

Beijing’s high-profile Thousand Talents Program is a tiny piece of a broad national strategy to build military and economic advantage.


Are AI Professionals Actually Unwilling to Work for the Pentagon?

A CSET survey finds a more nuanced situation than public perception might indicate.


Biden Has Many Good Choices at SecDef

I’m rooting for Flournoy, but she’s not the only one who would do well.


How Biden and Kerry Could Rebuild America’s Global Climate Leadership

Kerry’s decades of experience and the international relationships he developed as a senator and secretary of state may give him a chance.


Tapping Flournoy as SecDef Would Be a Really Big Deal

A natsec black belt and outstanding leader, the former policy undersecretary would also be uniquely positioned to implement some long-overdue personnel changes.


Dems See GOP Electioneering in Air Force Choice of Georgia for C-130 Base

A Trump appointee wants Air National Guard planes sent to the state that holds the key to Senate control.