Defense Systems

The Pentagon’s brewing a build-a-cloud program for defense agencies

The young platform, dubbed Olympus, is designed for self-service commercial cloud needs.

Science & Tech

Drones could guide every bit of an Army division’s firepower, 101st CO says

From mortars to missiles, the airborne unit is rethinking the use of uncrewed systems in the kill chain.


China's Volt Typhoon campaign is metastasizing

US diplomats decry penetrations of critical infrastructure that show a new "type of threat and intent.”


'ChatGPT, plan my top-secret mission'

Microsoft adds an air-gapped generative AI tool to its cloud services for classified workloads.

Science & Tech

Marine logistics battalions to get resupply drones by 2028

Each unit will receive three to six small cargo drones, part of the Corps' effort to become lighter and more agile.

Science & Tech

New details give Replicator a distinct Ukrainian flavor

First purchases announced in Pentagon's plan to acquire thousands of drones.


A militarized immigrant roundup won't work the way Trump says

Among the reasons: the Eisenhower administration paired its roundup with a massive guest-worker program that gave Mexican workers legal status.