Electrifying the Navy’s Next Generation of Carriers, Destroyers and Frigates

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In recent years the importance of building resilient, independent supply chains has come into sharp focus. Coupled with concerns over the environmental impact of CO2 emissions created by fossil fuels, the Department of the Navy is pursuing an aggressive drive toward electrification. However, equipping and building ships with electric-drive motors will require leaders within and throughout the defense-industrial base to adopt a new approach to shipbuilding. 

With the Navy planning to build 11 new ships: three Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, two Virginia-class submarines, an amphibious warship, a frigate, one fleet oiler, two expeditionary medical ships, and a towing and salvage boat; electrification should be top of mind. Here, Ed Thaxton, chief technology officer for Leonardo DRS' naval power systems business, highlights the benefits of an all-electric fleet, what Leonardo DRS is doing to support these efforts and how sailors can prepare for an electrifying new century on the high seas. 

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