Rebroadcast | Big Data for Defense and National Security: Maintaining the U.S. Technological Edge

With posting, tweeting, and streaming, the average American knowledge worker creates 1.8 million megabytes of data a year, enough to fill 9 CD-ROMS a day. But the big data revolution has just begun. There will be 44 times as much digital information in 2020 (35 ZB) as there was in 2009 (.8 ZB) according to IDC.

The national security community is a pioneer in the use of big data to achieve mission objectives but the analytics space is growing as quickly as the volume of digital data, itself. This session will focus on using big data analytics to maintain the U.S. technological edge and gaining advantage over adversaries. Watch this viewcast to learn:

  • What is the future of big data analysis biometrics relating to defense and national security?
  • How do we translate the insights into operational relevance?
  • What can be done to mitigate the risks of false positives?
  • Can we balance data collection for the purpose of national security with privacy concerns?

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