Science & Tech

Space Force Has a Plan for Training Its Troops. Now It Must Figure Out What They Need to Learn

The newest service can’t train the same way its sisters do. It needs a new simulated environment.

DHS Reveals Next Research Interests

The Department of Homeland Security wants industry comment on AI, biohazard tracking, and more.

What Worked, What Didn't at Army’s Second Connect-Everything Experiment

Drone-shooting helicopters, robot reconnaissance teams, and a lot more people mark Project Convergence’s second year.

Air Force-Backed Startup Reveals Hypersonic Aircraft Prototype

The company fired the drone’s afterburning engine during a ceremony in Atlanta.

Joint Chiefs’ Information Officer: US is Behind On Information Warfare. AI Can Help

Concerns mount about how quickly the Pentagon can respond to global influence campaigns.

North Korean Uranium Mining Picked Up From 2017 to 2020

Satellite photos show accelerated mining efforts but the meaning of the activity is still unclear.

Quantum Sensor Breakthrough Paves Way For GPS-Free Navigation

The main problem wasn’t weird subatomic physics. It was finding a simpler way to maintain a vacuum.

New White House Cyber Director Wants to Fight Like Cobra Kai

Chris Inglis says the government needs to hit would-be attackers where it hurts.

Pentagon AI Chief Responds to USAF Software Leader Who Quit in Frustration

Lt. Gen. Groen concedes culture must change, but says faster development is already on the way.

One of Four Boosters Fails in Rapid-Fire Hypersonic Tests

Three launches got off successfully from Virginia; investigations have begun into the Alaska failure.

The Military is Preparing for a ‘Space Superhighway,’ Complete with Pit Stops

Those hubs would do more than refuel spaceships; they are seen as key to staying ahead of China.

Russian Corruption Makes It Harder to Crack Down on Ransomware

Hackers who learned skills in government service are branching out “for their own personal enrichment,” Pentagon cyber leader says.

Army Delays IVAS Display Headset by a Year

Officials cited problems with the unusually wide field of view.

DDS Security Clearance Tool Evolves into ‘SITH’ Insider Threat Program

The Defense Digital Service’s automated investigations tool turns to the dark side of insider threat hunting and gets rebranded to match.