Science & Tech

Drones could guide every bit of an Army division’s firepower, 101st CO says

From mortars to missiles, the airborne unit is rethinking the use of uncrewed systems in the kill chain.

Defense now dramatically outweighs offense, thanks to new tech: Army Futures Command

The realization may have wide-reaching implications for how the Army trains and equips its forces.

AI-powered F-16 impresses ride-along SECAF in dogfight

Air Force will deploy armed, automated aircraft around 2030, Kendall says.

Marine logistics battalions to get resupply drones by 2028

Each unit will receive three to six small cargo drones, part of the Corps' effort to become lighter and more agile.

New details give Replicator a distinct Ukrainian flavor

First purchases announced in Pentagon's plan to acquire thousands of drones.

Navy slow to adopt modern ship-designing tools, GAO finds

The service is getting in the way of shipbuilders who want to go digital, the watchdog said.

Will Australia’s giant quantum project bring militaries’ fears to life?

A $620 million contract aims to make a computer powerful enough to break codes by 2027.

Giant military manta ray drone passes first ocean test

Manta Ray prototype demonstrates propulsion, steering in step toward “real-world operations.”

UK eyes Chinese drone parts for Ukraine

Like Kyiv itself, London may prioritize price over sourcing concerns.

How digital engineering could produce new weapons faster

“This enables process automation more broadly,” GDIT engineer says of new accelerator.

An AI took on a human pilot in a DARPA-sponsored dogfight

Last September's tests are informing the Air Force’s effort to build autonomous drones.

Army SOF's new drone course teaches gamer and maker skills

By graduation, the students will know how to build their own drones and teach foreign partners on tactics.

Geothermal energy easing US military's logistics challenges

DIU is doubling its investment in new technology to harness the heat of Earth's core.

To adapt command posts to modern war, Army wants more commercial tech

Plans include more commercial satellite tech, plus more options to hide within commercial communications traffic.