Science & Tech

US Army Tests Autonomous Vehicle in Maryland

Researchers aim to better understand how the self-moving machines respond to real-world challenges.

DOD’s Smart Warehouse-Enabling 5G Network Underway

An initial demonstration should occur this summer, an official said.

Space Lasers Will Revolutionize Military Communications, If They Work

The Pentagon has ambitious plans to launch hundreds of communications satellites in the years ahead. But getting them to talk to one another isn’t easy.

Russia Is Working to Pair Combat Jets and Drones, Too

In moves to match the U.S. military, experiments are aimed at producing mixed air regiments that are tied into a wider battlefield network.

AI-Powered Tools for Commanders Are a Top Priority for ‘Connect-Everything’ Effort

DoD’s artificial-intelligence efforts are moving beyond just helping analysts spot things in video.

The Military Wants To Produce Water From Air. Here’s the Science Behind It

The key is the right combination of elements in porous crystal structures, and the AI-powered search is on.

New AI Can Detect Emotion With Radio Waves

There are national security and privacy implications to an experimental UK neural network that deciphers how people respond to emotional stimuli.

US Army Europe Wants New Hub for Artillery Fire

A new targeting center and mobile artillery-and-cyber teams will dominate the way the Army conducts operations, says Gen. Cavoli.

Russia Has a Vaccine. The World Has Questions

Despite a promising clinical trial, Moscow’s record suggests a wait-and-see approach to a vaccine that the Russian military is already pumping into troops’ arms.

Intel Agency Worker Pushed His Own Drone Company, Report Details

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency inspector general found one of its employees accessed classified and proprietary data, trying to cheat competitors.

Military Eyes AI, Cloud Computing in Space in a Decade

Physics keeps the Pentagon from orbiting a computer powerful enough for machine learning. So they’re building a network in space.

2021 Is the Year the Small Drone Arms Race Heats Up

The cat-and-mouse of drone defense and offense is entering a new phase.

Nuclear Modernization Questions Loom After New START Extension

The treaty’s extension highlights its limits as well as its strengths.

Trump Restricted Drone Imports In Final White House Days

The executive order encourages federal agencies to divest from unmanned aerial systems manufactured by China, Russia and Iran.