Science & Tech

What 5G Will Actually Do for the U.S. Military

Lots of sensors, lots of data, open up the possibilities of energy conservation, better security, robot teaming, and much more, military experiments show.

Digital Engineering Could Speed Wartime Arms Production

It could also allow contractors to build and modernize weapons they did not create.

Navy Drone Refuels Fighter Jet, a Key Step Toward Adding UAVs to Carrier Wings

The MQ-25 T1 Stingray is slated for tests on an aircraft carrier later this year ahead of a planned 2025 deployment.

Can Rockets Deliver Supplies to War Zones? Space Force, Air Force Aim to Find Out

A research lab will see whether reusable boosters can deliver up to a C-17s’ worth of cargo to terrestrial destinations.

US Army, UMD Form AI Partnership

Five-year effort will launch with 18 projects focused on AI, autonomy, and modeling and simulation.

Russia’s Latest Hack Shows How Useful ‘Criminal Groups’ Are to the Kremlin

Russian coders have little choice but to work with their government, which in turn denies any knowledge of their activities. That’s why hacking activity shows no sign of slowing.

Biden Requests Less Than 1% Boost to Pentagon R&D, Despite Hyping New Defense Tech

As the Defense Department shifts its focus toward more technologically advanced potential adversaries, it will have to research and develop more and sustain less.

Growth of Extremist Groups Follows Mathematical Pattern: Study

The diversity of an online group provides clues to how quickly it will grow.

US Naval Services Aim to Put Network-War Concepts to Global Test

Enormous exercise will combine several new concepts in scenarios up to major combat.

Russia Is Accelerating Its Own Link-Everything Network

The U.S. sees networked warfare and AI as a game-changer. But what happens when your opponent copies your move?

Army SOF Units Are Getting Smaller, More Self-Reliant as Focus Shifts to China, Russia

New adversaries, warfare concepts, and gear are also driving special operators to become more tech-savvy.

CIA’s Last Classified Fax Machines Are About to Retire

A secure email system dubbed Gray Magic will replace the legendary analog technology.

It’s Official: New Air Force Ones Will Be Delivered Late

“Definitely a setback” said Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson, the U.S. Air Force’s deputy weapons buyer, as Boeing legal battle delays production.

Red Cross Calls for More Limits on Autonomous Weapons

Experts said the group’s unique stature might get governments to the negotiating table at last.