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This May Be First Step In Curing PTSD With A Pill

A start-up, funded in part by the U.S. Army, could be on track to revolutionizing what we know about PTSD.

US Air Force’s First Software Chief Steps Down

Nicolas Chaillan, who led a Pentagon-wide DevSecOps effort, said he was leaving in part because of a lack of support from senior leaders.

Was Russia’s April Exercise a Practice Run for a Ukraine Invasion?

The use of smoke operations and a large troop presence in Crimea suggests that Russia was telegraphing its ability to launch a major assault on Ukraine.

US Army Wants to Put Facial Recognition in Daycare Centers

A pilot system at Fort Jackson would begin “monitoring the health and well-being of children."

US Navy Will Upgrade Warships to Add Unnamed Space Capabilities

“Everything is classified” when it comes to space, one admiral complained.

House Bill Aims to Bridge Acquisition ‘Valley of Death’ In Race to Counter China

A draft of the House NDAA markup outlines two provisions to fix the gap between research and acquisition.

How One Tech Entrepreneur Is Scaling Up Veteran-Led Evacuation Efforts

Volunteers in the U.S. are telling fleeing Afghans where Taliban traps are.

Startup Offers Tool to Help Predict, Coordinate Action on Orbital Collisions

A multi-company pilot program will test Slingshot Aerospace's chat-and-track software.

What's Missing from US Missile Defense? Pentagon Aims to Find Out

As part of its efforts to integrate weapons across the services, the office of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs will look anew at missile defense plans.

Report: China Is Hacking Russia, Too

Moscow may be just “waking up” to the fact that their new partner sees them as a target.

Special Report

Climate Change Is Already Disrupting the Military. It Will Get Worse, Officials Say

Even as wildfires drain National Guard resources, the Pentagon is racing to develop computer models that can better guide decisions about sustainability efforts.

Hypersonic Missile Defense May Depend on Low Earth Orbit Satellites

Sensors in relatively low orbits may be the best way to spot superfast missiles—but they can’t do the job alone.

If China and the US Claim the Same Moon-Base Site, Who Wins?

Relatively few craters are attractive, and there’s no consensus about avoiding conflict over them.

Floating Robot Gas Station To Get Pentagon Trial

The aim is a kit to convert barges into self-propelled, expeditionary replenishment platforms for rotary wing aircraft, surface vessels, and shore stations.

US Air Force, Venture Firms Make $60 Million Bet on Hypersonic Aircraft Startup

The deal calls for Georgia-based Hermeus to accelerate development of reusable test aircraft.