Science & Tech

Inside the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Quantum Lab

Basic science, practical engineering — and an attempt to focus on the most productive lines of effort.

Aging ICBMs Must Be Replaced, Not Refurbished, STRATCOM Chief Says

Even the people who once knew how to fix them are “not alive anymore,” Richard says.

Two-Thirds of DOD’s Major IT Projects Are Behind Schedule, GAO Found

Defense officials say lack of talent is slowing the adoption of cybersecurity best practices.

In Europe, US Air Force Brings Back Cold War Mobility Concept

The shift from countering terrorists to Russia is also bringing cutting-edge fighter-jet simulators.

Trump Officials Deliver Plan to Split Up Cyber Command, NSA

An end to the “dual hat” arrangement has been debated for years — but the timing raises questions. The plan requires Milley's certification to move ahead.

Amid Massive Hack, Lawmakers Urge Trump to Sign Defense Bill with New Cybersecurity Legislation

As the government scrambles to understand the widening compromise, legislation to shore up the nation’s cyber defenses sits unsigned on the President’s desk.

The Air Force Used AI to Operate the Radar on a U-2 Spy Plane

Officials tout ARTUµ algorithm as a step toward a “new era of warfare.”

National Guard Helping to Roll Out COVID Vaccine

Guardsman will divvy up some vaccine batches, backfill medical staff in nursing homes and prisons.

The Pentagon Is Ill-Organized to Improve Its Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum, GAO Says

Old ways and means are quickly becoming obsolete — but spectrum issues remain everyone’s second job.

US Military Starts Vaccinating Troops, Behind Russia and China

DOD has picked 16 sites for a “controlled pilot” COVID vaccination program.

The Future Of Flight Training Is A Gamer Headset That Watches You Play

Google and other companies are helping design a smarter, cheaper way to produce aviators.

AI Is Reshaping the US Approach to Gray-Zone Ops

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools aren’t just for big hot wars, but also for places where the battle lines aren’t clear.

‘Artificial Skin’ May One Day Make Troops Invisible, Even to Heat Sensors

Small interconnected panels mimic the color and temperature of their environment, similar to an octopus

Why Data Privacy Is Crucial to Fighting Disinformation

Information collected as we go about our daily lives can be weaponized into influence operations that are harder to detect.

Combat Simulators Should Also Improve Acquisition, DOD Leader Says

The modeling and simulation tools that train troops and forces should also “revolutionize” design, acquisition, sustainment and test.

Soldiers Don’t Trust Robot Battle Buddies. Can Virtual Training Fix That?

Allowing soldiers to train their robot wingmen in game environments could be the key to human-machine teaming.

How Two US Military Bases Are Exploring 5G’s Potential

Defense Department-led pursuits of next-generation connectivity will hone in on survivability, security, and innovation.