Science & Tech

US Working on AI to Predict Ukraine’s Ammo and Weapons Needs

But a Pentagon watchdog is already unhappy with the way materiel is being tracked.

US Weighs Escalation Risk As Ukraine Asks for Longer-range Missiles

Will ATACMS become the latest weapon that Washington has initially withheld, but ultimately given? 

DOD Must Put Software at the Core of Its Operations, Report Says

The CIA's chief technology officer and the former head of the Air Force's Project Maven want to yank the Pentagon out of the industrial age into the digital age.

Ukraine’s Western Arms Have Inflicted ‘Significant Damage’ On Russian Supply, Communications Lines, Top US Officer Says

HIMARS alone has been used to hit more than 400 targets, Gen. Milley said at a meeting of Kyiv’s international supporters.

As Russian Oil Exports Rise, Governments and Shipping Companies Play Cat-and-Mouse

High-tech tracking tools haven’t deterred Black Sea smugglers from lining tankers up like cars at a gas station.

The Army Wants Smarter Sensors To Ease Soldiers’ ‘Cognitive Burden’

New intelligence and electronic-warfare tools aim to help commanders get data faster.

US Military Satellites Need to Get Smarter, More Self-Reliant

Future satellites should understand their environment, act autonomously, and be less reliant on Earth for refuel, Space Command’s deputy commander says.

Artemis Launch Is a Step Back to the Moon, But a Leap Into a New Tracking Domain

As the U.S. and others begin traveling more regularly to the moon, the Pentagon will need to ramp up its extraterrestrial capabilities, experts say.

The US Just Revealed a Secret Airborne Test of a Long-Range Cruise Missile

The December test was part of the effort to equip B-2 bombers to fire the stealthy JASSM-ER.

Army’s Next Helicopters Are Still a Ways Off—But Their Digital Links Are Already Changing the Battle

Open, modular electronics are key to a vast leap forward in capability, says Future Vertical Lift Program director.

‘We Need to Own the Heat The Way We Now Own Night,’ Pentagon Climate Leader Says

Tactical cooling vests and other adaptations will be needed as dangerous temperatures arrive on training ranges and in combat zones.

China Could Overtake US in Space Without ‘Urgent Action,’ Warns New Pentagon Report

America needs a long-term goal in space to be able to compete with Beijing, Pentagon industrial-base group writes.

Ukraine War Reveals Need for More Anti-Drone Tech, US Army Says

The service’s expectations are built on Middle Eastern experience. That isn’t going to work.

An Experiment Showed that the Military Must Change Its Cybersecurity Approach

The Defense Department’s current “checklist” approach can’t keep its networks safe.