Science & Tech

Donated Tanks Headed to Ukraine

Kyiv will get 90 T-72 tanks, donated by the Czech Republic and upgraded with U.S. and Dutch funds.

Here’s the Last Hurdle Keeping Subs from Being Drone Motherships

The unmanned underwater vehicles need software that enables them to come back aboard via torpedo tube.

Putin’s Chef Is Opening a Start-Up Accelerator for Russia’s War

But with IT workers fleeing the country, it’s hard to predict how successful the endeavor will be.

Not Even State Media Believes Kremlin Claims that a Russia-Only Internet Is Ready to Go

But a series of August tests shows that Moscow is still working to enable the country to unplug from the World Wide Web.

It’s Official: Space Force Sets Sights on Smaller Satellites

The newest service’s acquisition chief also calls for more fixed-price contracts and fewer classified programs.

The Military’s Network Warfare Experiment Scaled Up This Year

The U.S. Army-led experiment attempted to create a lot more targets, challenges, and complexities to test out futuristic concepts.

Sergeant Makes One Counter-Drone Trainer to Rule Them All

Having too many different counter-drone systems is making training unnecessarily difficult. An Army National Guardsman from CENTCOM has developed a solution.

Why the Pentagon’s Crush on Elon Musk Is Dangerous to Democracy

Once considered a cross between Thomas Edison and Moses, Musk is revealing himself to be an ill-informed, would-be tyrant.

Hybrid-Electric Troop Transports Are Moving Toward the Battlefield

The quieter, cooler, less maintenance-intensive vehicles will make up at least part of the Army’s future fleet.

The Army’s Big Convention Was Full of Armed Robots

For now, Western militaries remain reluctant to buy ground weapons that choose their own targets. But that may change.

U.S.-Led Drone Fleet Starting To Come Together in Middle East

Bahrain, Kuwait pledge to chip in unmanned surface vessels for maritime surveillance and incident response, 5th Fleet says.

Small Radios On Armored Vehicles Will Be a Big Step Toward the Army's Networked Future

The challenges include trying to install them and making sure they don’t run out of range.

What Surprised One Drone Maker About Russia’s War on Ukraine

Swarmly updates its unarmed, jam-resistant drones as new information comes in from Ukraine's battlefield.

How Will the Military Use 5G? A New Drone Experiment Offers Clues

High-speed networking promises to help bring AI to bear on floods of battlefield sensor data.