Russia exploits Western vacuum in Africa’s Sahel

Niger’s rejection of democratic ties coincides starkly with its embrace of Russian military assistance since the July 2023 military coup.


Human-rights violations rising in several countries, State Department says

Russian-occupied Ukraine was home to some of the worst abuses, according to new report.


China’s new stealth bomber ‘nowhere near as good’ as US’s, intel official says

U.S. could win a war with China today, but would suffer heavy losses, the official told reporters.


Russian hackers sabotaged Texas water-treatment plant: cyber firm

If officials confirm it, Moscow would join the list of recent foreign infiltrators of U.S. water infrastructure.


Why we can shoot down Iranian drones over Israel but not Ukraine

The different outcomes of the weekend’s attacks on Tel Aviv and Kharkiv reflect factors practical and political.

Updated Threats

US forces down missiles as Iran attacks Israel

Navy warships and Air Force fighter squadrons shot down dozens of drones and a half dozen ballistic missiles launched from Iran and Yemen, U.S. officials said.


Europe is already planning for what happens if Ukraine loses. It’s ugly

A newly energized Russia is already escalating grey-zone operations in Eastern Europe, says Estonia’s defense minister.


Russia stole US agencies' emails from Microsoft systems, CISA says

The alert comes a week after DHS faulted the company for a security culture that enabled a similar China-backed cyberattack last year.


It's getting harder to identify China's network attacks, Mandiant CEO says

In an interview, Kevin Mandia also said it's probably easier to sway an election through misinformation than hacking.