AI & Autonomy

In a Robot War, Kill the Humans

Even if advances in robotics mean fewer humans on the battlefield, the fight will increasingly focus on those that remain.

Meet the 'Mayflower:' Sailing Into a New World, All Over Again

Our autonomous ship will attempt to cross the Atlantic from Plymouth to Plymouth. Here's how — and what we hope the Navy can learn from her.

Bipartisan Senate Bill Seeks to Boost Pentagon AI Talent

Step one: teach the Defense Department's HR staff to find and hire experts in artificial intelligence.

ICE Details Its Outsourced Face-Recognition Efforts

A new report details the workings, rules, and privacy implications of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's 3rd-party facial recognition system.

The Pentagon's $800M Effort to Embed AI In Decisions in 'All Tiers'

That's the goal of a five-year task order from the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to Booz Allen Hamilton.

Pentagon Wants Help With Its Predictive Aircraft Maintenance AI

Among other things, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center needs someone to format data about H-60 helicopters in a way that an AI can learn from it.

US Army to Study How Humans Team With AI

A new contract will focus on the teaming aspect of artificial intelligence in warfare by analyzing how humans and machines think when working together.

Smart Weapons Need to Be Smarter

No missiles should shoot down civilian airliners by mistake.

Oak Ridge National Lab Taps Supercomputers to Fight Coronavirus

Researchers received emergency computation time to run through a database of drug compounds to see which combinations might prevent COVID-19.

How an AI Sent an Early Warning about the Coronavirus Outbreak

BlueDot’s algorithm draws on news stories, disease-tracking networks, and even airline ticketing. But such tools are hardly foolproof.

America Must Shape the World’s AI Norms — or Dictators Will

Four former U.S. defense secretaries issue a warning about China and a wake-up call to Americans on artificial intelligence.

Pentagon Taps Leader to Implement New AI Ethics

It's Alka Patel, a lawyer who has been working for the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.

Great Powers Must Talk to Each Other About AI

Even as they compete, major militaries have reason to cooperate: to avoid misunderstanding and to establish best practices and pragmatic parameters.

Putin Seeks to Plug Gaps in Russia's State-Driven Tech Efforts

His Wednesday speech acknowledged difficulties Russian researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs face, particularly in the realm of finance.

DARPA Aims to Develop a ‘Sea Train’ of Unmanned Warships

The Pentagon’s research arm is looking for technologies for a new class of long-distance unmanned surface vessels.

Russia’s Military Is Writing an Armed-Robot Playbook

The new tactics and operating concepts will draw on three years of Syrian operations.

The US Navy Needs Offensive Undersea Drones

The maritime domain has yet to see the kind of explosive innovation that UAVs have brought to land warfare.