USAF tried an electric plane. Now it wants to buy

A three-month test of the battery-powered ALIA has the service looking to move ahead.


Aussie F-35s, UK tanker join massive wargame over western US

This year’s Red Flag comes as US and allies operate against Houthi targets in Mideast.


Northrop to eat $1.2B on B-21 program

The CEO says the company has now learned not to underbid on fixed-price contracts.


Software delay will reduce F-35 deliveries for a second straight year

Lockheed says the TR-3 upgrade, due last year, has slipped to third quarter of 2024.

Defense Systems

B-21 production is a go, Pentagon says

Defense undersecretary confirms Northrop Grumman has approval to start making non-test variants of the stealth bomber.

Science & Tech

The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?


One more hold: USAF colonel who urged conversations about racism

Missouri senator blocks promotion of author of “Dear white colonels” oped.


Northrop gears up to triple production of E-7 radar

Air Force officials want the radar plane as soon as possible—particularly in the Indo-Pacific.


Budget limbo: Nearly 100 new Air Force programs on hold until Congress passes budget

Service officials urge companies to “tell your story” about what lawmakers’ inability to pass a 2024 budget would mean for their projects.


Industry isn’t building enough parts for upgraded F-35s, DOD says

Lawmakers said the Technology Refresh-3 upgrade is headed for a nearly $1B cost overrun.