Artificial Intelligence

China’s Aggressive Data Push Worries Military Intel Officials

The AI future runs on data and the Chinese government is out for all it can get.

How We Get to Captain America-level Battle Speeds

We are on the verge of Hollywood-level fast, but the service branches need cultural change and cooperation for it to work.

How JEDI’s Ghost Will Bring Bitter Rivals Together

The death of the Pentagon’s controversial cloud computing mega-contract likely puts Amazon and Microsoft in a new sort of partnership.

New Laws Are ‘Probably Needed’ to Force US Firms to Patch Known Cyber Vulnerabilities, NSA Official Says

Too many firms are shying away from replacing old gear that is only getting easier for criminals to attack

It's Time to Wargame Against an AI-Enabled China

Top commanders say military training needs to reflect how artificial intelligence will change the pace of war.

US Needs to Defend Its Artificial Intelligence Better, Says Pentagon No. 2

AI safety is often overlooked in the private sector, but Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks wants the Defense Department to lead a cultural change.

DoD Outlines Tenets of Responsible Artificial Intelligence

A memo from the deputy defense secretary also orders the JAIC director to build a strategy around those tenets.

US Army, UMD Form AI Partnership

Five-year effort will launch with 18 projects focused on AI, autonomy, and modeling and simulation.

Russia Is Accelerating Its Own Link-Everything Network

The U.S. sees networked warfare and AI as a game-changer. But what happens when your opponent copies your move?

Red Cross Calls for More Limits on Autonomous Weapons

Experts said the group’s unique stature might get governments to the negotiating table at last.

How to Detect Sarcasm with Artificial Intelligence

Humans make inferences about tone and meaning, but algorithms can find hidden relationships between words to detect irony and intentional falsehood.

Tough Conditions and Contested Communication Are Forcing the US Military To Reinvent AI

Those miracle apps on your phone are powered by cloud computing and high-bandwidth data transfer. What does AI look like when those features are missing?


China Features Heavily in the Army’s Next Big Emerging Tech Experiment

The Army’s connect-everything experiment is about to get much bigger, and looks across the Pacific.

Artificial Intelligence Is Misreading Human Emotion

There is no good evidence that facial expressions reveal a person’s feelings. But big tech companies want you to believe otherwise.

A Better Way to Spot Deep-Faked Satellite Images

Training AIs to look at 26 subtle features may help thwart attempts to peddle fraudulent imagery.


Free the Data: Vice Chiefs Launch an Acquisition Crusade

Better access to weapon data is crucial to faster Pentagon purchasing — and dangerous to industry business models.