Artificial Intelligence

DARPA's '3rd Wave' AI Aims to Compute Uncertainty Along with Accuracy

"Machine learning algorithms do not currently fit well into the modern statistical processing paradigm."

‘Collaborative, Portable Autonomy’ Is the Future of AI for Special Operations

Creating autonomous teams in contested environments will be a challenge of technology—and policy.

Special Operators Want AI to Help Discern Public Opinion

New sentiment-analysis tools would improve psyops, SOCOM commander says.

Russia’s Artificial Intelligence Boom May Not Survive the War

Sanctions and brain drain have had a massive impact on the high-tech economy, and the effects may linger for years.

New Tech Budget Request is the Defense Department’s Largest Ever

Pursuing China, the Pentagon aims to bump spending for artificial intelligence and 5G.

To Get Better at AI, Get Better at Finding AI Talent

The military branches need to coordinate on goals and means of cultivating people who can advance the use of artificial intelligence.

AI Could Match 'Fingerprints' of Texts To Their Authors, Under New Intelligence Program

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity takes aim at a capability that might one day help fight disinformation and human trafficking.

The Near Future of Military Autonomy Isn’t Robotanks, But ‘Microservices’

Instead of commanding killer robots, most troops will get helping hands from things like driving assistance software.

New Operating System Aims to Speed AI to the Battlefield

The project is part of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s 8-month-old AI and Data Accelerator.

DOD Debuts Office to Help It 'Move Faster' on Artificial Intelligence

Two memos clarify the goals of the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office, which was created to coordinate AI efforts across DOD.

New Report Offers Glimpse Of How AI Will Remake Spywork

AI could accelerate intelligence use, if the government can get out of the way, new report says

Project Maven Shows Need for Better Acquisition Policies, DOD Watchdog Finds

The Air Force's AI project moved fast. One of its lessons is the need for better acquisition policies and documentation.

2021 Top Ten: Tech

Along with AI and JADC2, the year's top tech stories include the Army's December announcement of a vaccine that covers all possible COVID variants.

This Army Reservist’s Formula Predicts the Inside Layout of Buildings from Satellite Photos

The ability to predict the placement of stairs, rooms, etc., could be a big help to tactical teams.