Artificial Intelligence

There’s ‘still more work to be done’ for DOD on AI

The Pentagon has started to use the technology, but challenges lie ahead.

Giant military manta ray drone passes first ocean test

Manta Ray prototype demonstrates propulsion, steering in step toward “real-world operations.”

How digital engineering could produce new weapons faster

“This enables process automation more broadly,” GDIT engineer says of new accelerator.

The Army is trying to identify all the obstacles to adopting AI in 100 days

Launched in March, the effort is looking at poisoned datasets, adversarial attacks, Trojans, and more.

US-UK safety pact could shape the future of AI

Two research institutes will collaborate on AI safety tests, among other things.

The Air Force is quietly revolutionizing parts replacement

A startup's robotic system that fits on a truck could replace sprawling die-based factories.


Lawmakers want answers from Pentagon on AI developments with Australia, UK

Senators are seeking more information about AI safety within the AUKUS program.

The Navy is using robot ships to deter human smuggling out of Haiti

4th Fleet’s experiments with unmanned systems are a “game changer” for monitoring illicit activity, commander says

The big AI research DARPA is funding this year

The Defense Department’s key research arm will experiment with ethical chatbots and new robot super pilots.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 146: Elliot Ackerman on ‘2054: A Novel’

The author and Marine veteran discusses the future of technology, the promise of AI, the perils of toxic politics, and other themes packed into his latest work of speculative fiction.