Artificial Intelligence

An Army Pilot Just Re-Invented Flight Training for the Digital Era

By teaching an AI to read instruments with a camera, you get the best of the human and machine worlds.

Users Can’t Be Afterthoughts in the Pentagon’s AI Efforts

The troops, commanders, and civilians who will use artificial-intelligence tools have vital roles to play in creating, training, and improving them.

Vulnerabilities May Slow Air Force’s Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

More data on the battlefield means a wider attack surface, something the Defense Department has yet to prepare for, experts say.

Learn to Use Data or Risk Dying in Battle, New Army Project Teaches

Project Ridgway pushes soldiers to use—and even create—the artificial-intelligence tools that will confer military advantage.

Pull US AI Research Out of China

International scientific collaboration is a great thing, but not when it is fueling a despotic superpower’s oppression at home and belligerence abroad.

AI Gives ‘Days of Advanced’ Warning in Recent NORTHCOM Networked Warfare Experiment

A new test of information dominance concepts shows how rapid data sharing can accelerate warfare.

How AI Is Revealing the Secrets of Iran’s Nascent Centrifuge Factory

Satellites can’t directly observe the underground facility, but analysis of its surroundings yields a progress report.

SOCOM Members Got an All-Star Crash Course in AI

Over a unique six-week course, participants met virtually with tech leaders to talk about AI's future.

Researchers Create Drone Swarms That Can Detect Gas Leaks, Other Threats

A new algorithm called “Sniffy Bug” shows how tiny drones will do dangerous work even in areas where they can’t use GPS.

SecDef Teases New Deterrence Strategy, Vows Billions More for AI

In pursuit of "integrated deterrence," Lloyd Austin committed $1.5 billion over five years to the Pentagon’s artificial intelligence hub.

Sullivan: Data Privacy Key To AI Race Against China

New privacy-protecting technologies will enable democracies to work together to win the AI race against China, says Biden’s national security advisor.

China’s Aggressive Data Push Worries Military Intel Officials

The AI future runs on data and the Chinese government is out for all it can get.

How We Get to Captain America-level Battle Speeds

We are on the verge of Hollywood-level fast, but the service branches need cultural change and cooperation for it to work.

How JEDI’s Ghost Will Bring Bitter Rivals Together

The death of the Pentagon’s controversial cloud computing mega-contract likely puts Amazon and Microsoft in a new sort of partnership.

New Laws Are ‘Probably Needed’ to Force US Firms to Patch Known Cyber Vulnerabilities, NSA Official Says

Too many firms are shying away from replacing old gear that is only getting easier for criminals to attack

It's Time to Wargame Against an AI-Enabled China

Top commanders say military training needs to reflect how artificial intelligence will change the pace of war.