Artificial Intelligence

DOD’s new AI and data strategy gives industry a challenge: share

Implementing the new strategy will require companies to work together in ways they never have before.

Agencies get marching orders as White House issues AI-safety directive

NIST is ordered to draft red-teaming requirements, NSF to work on cryptography, and DHS to apply them to critical infrastructure.

Microchip breakthrough may reshape the future of AI

IBM’s new NorthPole may enable smarter, more efficient, network-independent devices that may even help the U.S. win the microchip war against China.

The CIA’s data-challenged AI imperative

Mastering the technology is key to being able to “disrupt those entities that do not,” said an agency cyber policy official.

Swamped with cybersecurity data, NGA hopes ChatGPT-like tools can help

The mapping agency is trying to keep tabs on 70,000 events per second.

NSA to stand up AI security center

Securing AI means preventing it “from learning, doing, and revealing the wrong thing,” Gen. Paul Nakasone said.

Taiwan is using generative AI to fight Chinese disinfo

But LLM models will enable new adversaries as well as allies, top intelligence official warns.

US must harness generative AI in competition against China, think tank warns

The Pentagon recently launched a task force to explore how to incorporate generative AI, but a new report notes it could be useful across a wide range of government activities.

How China could use generative AI to manipulate the globe on Taiwan

Generative AI could allow China to radically improve and scale up disinformation efforts, just in time for the Taiwanese presidential election, a new report argues.


Russian military actors went to Niger, Mali close to coup dates, data shows

A few Russians seem to have picked an odd time for sightseeing in Africa.

The Senate's defense-policy bill looks for threats in the rear-view mirror

The upper house orders up an investigation of the 2020 SolarWinds hack while saying all but nothing about AI.

New Chinese research examines how to get drones to target without GPS

But camera data can’t tell a drone whether hitting a target is a bad idea.

New AI laser system to guard US capital region from unauthorized aircraft

‘The first line of defense is actually that they will beam a laser at the cockpit of the aircraft.’


The Pentagon just launched a generative AI task force

A conversation with the leader of Task Force Lima reveals its objectives—and the main questions it's trying to answer.

AI-powered health monitors may boost readiness, Army's next top enlisted leader says

Weimer highlighted a program at his old command that uses health data to help candidates going through the rigorous Army physical tests.