Autonomous Systems

US Army Tests Autonomous Vehicle in Maryland

Researchers aim to better understand how the self-moving machines respond to real-world challenges.

Here’s the Key Innovation in DARPA AI Project: Ethics From the Start

A new effort to build patrol drones for urban fights began by forming an ethics advisory board.

Project Maven Overseer Will Lead Pentagon’s New AI Center

DOD rewards three-star with the lead on its new AI-development center.

China Shows Off Self-Steering Boat that Fires Missiles

But the U.S. still appears to have the edge in sophisticated seagoing drones.

US Military’s Self-Flying Helicopter Program Passes Critical Test

Unmanned Black Hawks are coming. The goal is a major flight demonstration next year.

DARPA Wants to Find Botnets Before They Attack

The defense agency awarded a contract to develop a tool that scours the internet for dormant online armies.

China’s Robot Subs Will Lean Heavily on AI: Report

The leader of the classified 912 Project gives a rare interview. The question, as always, is why.

The US Navy Is Developing Mothership Drones for Coastal Defense

The service is looking to accelerate the way it buys, builds and drills drones and robotic ships.