Drones, maps, and storm-tracking in the Pacific

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is working with partner nations in the Indo-Pacific to map the region as part of the Biden administration’s push for security.

Why the Defense Department attended COP28

Climate change threatens our national security. We’ll face the challenge with allies and partners.


Maui relief efforts continue, with plans to begin debris removal in November

Nearly 700 defense personnel are helping in the wake of the deadly August wildfires.

Navy divers begin search and underwater survey in Maui

The Defense Department now has 572 people supporting relief efforts after devastating fires.

House cuts to Pentagon climate-resilience plans weaken the military

As weather grows harsher, hardening bases and gear is investment in capability.

Climate Security is National Security

Our book argues the threat of terrorism was never an existential threat—but climate change is, and it requires more military attention and resources.