Climate Security is National Security

Our book argues the threat of terrorism was never an existential threat—but climate change is, and it requires more military attention and resources.

The New F-35A Engine Would Be a Win-Win-Win-Win

The fuel savings alone would please taxpayers, environmentalists, the Pentagon and the industrial base.

What Contractors Think of the Proposed Rule on Climate Reporting  

The proposed rule is part of the Biden administration’s larger environmental agenda, but it comes with costs for contractors. 

Hybrid-Electric Troop Transports Are Moving Toward the Battlefield

The quieter, cooler, less maintenance-intensive vehicles will make up at least part of the Army’s future fleet.

Army Climate Plan Relies on Technology That Doesn’t Exist Yet

The most “complex” aspect of the implementation plan is “building a force to operate in the future that still has to operate in the present,” officials said.

Nord Stream Leaks Underline Gray-Zone Risks

Damaging a neighbor’s environment can be easy, cheap, and deniable.

Greenland's Melting Ice Has Locked In 10 Inches of Ocean Rise, Study Finds

Observations show the ice sheet is liquifying faster than models predicted.

‘We Need to Own the Heat The Way We Now Own Night,’ Pentagon Climate Leader Says

Tactical cooling vests and other adaptations will be needed as dangerous temperatures arrive on training ranges and in combat zones.