A Success in Norfolk Should Also Be a Warning

One flood-control project took a decade to complete. Lawmakers and feds can’t wait any longer to get the vast bulk of climate-mitigation work going.

Climate Change Isn’t a Threat Multiplier. It’s the Main Threat.

Over the next six months, the defense community should champion and help plan a whole-of-society “hyper-response.”

US Boosts Forces In Europe As NATO Names Russia ‘Most Significant and Direct Threat’

The Pentagon will also base more destroyers in Spain and F-35s in the United Kingdom.

The Energy Crisis Is a National-Security Opportunity

It gives Biden the chance to offer a clear narrative: accelerating the move to clean energy is crucial to keeping America safe.

Climate Change Has FEMA Working Year-Round, Straining Its Workforce

Once just a few months long, "busy season" now lasts all year. That's hurting the volunteers and reservists who supply much of FEMA's surge capability.

Why Biden Just Declared Heat Pumps and Solar Panels Essential to National Defense

An environmental engineering professor assesses their place in fighting the climate crisis.

Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Clean Energy Manufacturing

“Reducing America’s dependence on gas and oil is critical to U.S. national security,” DepSecDef Hicks said.

Navy Climate Strategy Lacks Specifics for Reducing Largest Emissions Producers

Climate change is “one of the most destabilizing forces of our time,” Assistant Navy Secretary Meredith Berger said.

US Needs Better Climate Forecasting, Wargaming, Report Finds

“Considerable work left to do” in Pentagon’s climate efforts.

New Budget Would Modify Planes, Pursue Hybrid Vehicles To Tackle Climate Change

The Pentagon’s 2023 proposal aims to reduce C-130 drag, modify KC-135 engines, and design a fuel-sipping airframe.

The Army’s New Decades-Long Climate Strategy Has No Budget

The strategy includes a list of tangible objectives but no corresponding cost estimates.

Lawmakers Ask Biden To Make Sure DOD Follows Climate Rules

The Pentagon has said it will not seek an exemption to the climate goals.

As Climate Change Threatens China, PLA Is Missing in Action

China’s military will have to reckon with a new security environment. When will it start?

Working With China on Climate is ‘Most Important Element’ of the Decade, NSC Official Says

Kurt Campbell also talked about how Biden’s China policy is different from Trump’s and how to reconcile cooperation with an authoritarian state.