Pentagon Delays Department-wide Cloud, Again

Officials say they didn't expect to need so much time to choose among four bids for a $9 billion cloud contract.

‘Slow-Boil Crisis’: DIA Needs More Capability to Track Russian, Chinese Tech Work

It takes years to train intelligence analysts, but the Pentagon doesn’t have “that kind of time.”

Amazon Offers 2nd Air-Gapped Cloud For Top-Secret Data

The new cloud's data centers are "more than 1,000 miles" away from the northern-Virginia complex that serves U.S. intelligence and defense agencies.

NSA Awards Secret Up-to-$10B Contract to Amazon

A Microsoft protest of the decision has revealed some details about the U.S. intelligence community's second multi-billion dollar cloud award of the year.

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Climate Change Is Already Disrupting the Military. It Will Get Worse, Officials Say

Even as wildfires drain National Guard resources, the Pentagon is racing to develop computer models that can better guide decisions about sustainability efforts.

JEDI Cloud Update Coming Soon, Says Pentagon's No. 2

Kathleen Hicks said the department is assessing just how it will buy large-scale cloud services.

If the Pentagon Drops JEDI, Then What?

DOD says the contract’s enterprise capabilities are still needed. But there are new cloud technologies that could fill the bill.

Court to Explore Whether Trump Officials Interfered in JEDI Contract

The Defense Department previously said lengthy litigation could threaten the contract’s future.

What Google’s New Contract Reveals About the Pentagon’s Evolving Clouds

For one thing, it disproves fears that the massive JEDI contract meant one company would get all the work.

Amazon Files Another Protest Over JEDI Contract

In response, Microsoft blasts Amazon Web Services for trying to force a do-over for the multibillion-dollar cloud contract.

Pentagon IG: We Can’t Rule Out White House Influence on JEDI Award

A 300-page investigation reveals multiple ethics violations and a refusal by Defense Department General Counsel to let senior officials comment on communications with the White House.

How the Coronavirus Forced the Pentagon to Improve Its IT — and Quickly

New teleworking capabilities — hastily installed to help DoD get work done at home — will stick around after the virus subsides.

Judge Puts Pentagon's Giant JEDI Cloud Contract On Hold

The up-to-$10 billion cloud contract is enjoined until “further notice from the court” while Amazon pursues a lawsuit.