Coast Guard

Four Ways US Naval Forces Should Be More Assertive

Non-aggressive assertiveness can achieve long-term advantages and have strategic effects.

Ep. 71: The future of Arctic security, with U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Karl Schultz

The Coast Guard commandant shares some of his concerns about China, Russia, how the coronavirus has challenged the force, and more.

US Coast Guard Is Putting Cubesats Over the Arctic

As the icecap melts and activity rises in the high latitudes, the commandant says his force needs better situational awareness.

Coast Guard Needs Fresh IT, People to Keep Networks Secure

The service’s head of Cyber Command outlines his strategy for updating old systems and getting personnel to rethink cybersecurity.

How the Arctic Could Help Warm US-Russian Relations

U.S. Coast Guard commandant says cooperating on mass search-and-rescue exercises and other shared interests could build bridges.

The Dangerous Myth of an 'Icebreaker Gap'

The U.S. fleet of icebreaking ships is already too small to handle its Arctic duties. Don't stretch it further with a made-up military mission.

With Oil Revenue Down, Commercial Firms Eye Military Business

The companies showed up at a massive naval trade show, ready to work.

The US Coast Guard Is (Quietly) Building Up Allies in the Arctic

A new forum frees up Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the U.S. and Russia to talk formally about security in a way prohibited by the Arctic Council charter.

The US-Cuba Turnaround Just Raised the Stakes for Border Security

Expanding travel and commerce will likely result in significant spikes in air traffic, merchant ships and small vessel traffic across a network of maritime ports. By Pat DeQuattro

Is the U.S. Ready to Patrol the Arctic?

A sobering look at America's ice-cutter fleet as it prepares to chair the 8-nation Arctic Council next year. By Marina Koren