Coast Guard

Coast Guard to Triple Western-Pacific Deployments, Policy Chief Says

The small maritime service is contending with data and connectivity challenges as it looks to expand its presence in the Pacific.

Coast Guard Wants Better Internet on Its Ships, and More Recruits

Commandant Fagan ties increased connectivity to operational needs and improving Coasties’ quality of life.

New Top Coastie Wants More Data Tools to Help Leaders Make Decisions

Adm. Linda Fagan’s “highest priority” is transforming the service’s talent management system.

Coast Guard Academy Graduates its First Cyber Majors

A "handful" of new cyber specialists will go to the service's Cyber Command headquarters for their initial assignment.

Expect a Navy Fleet Plan of 500 Ships, CNO Says

Adm. Gilday says recent exercises and several years of analysis are helping the service converge on numbers for its long-range shipbuilding plan.

WEST 2022 Conference Wire: What Navy Leaders Want

New capabilities are great, they say. But don't forget maintainability, training, and user interfaces.

WEST 2022 Conference Wire: In-Person & Uncertain

The naval-themed conference is back in San Diego after a pandemic gap year.

The Homeland Security Department Has a Playbook for the Super Bowl 

More than 500 DHS personnel are providing support for this year’s game.

Coast Guard completes on-shore MHS Genesis deployment

The U.S. Coast Guard has completed its rollout of the military's new commercial electronic health record system to on-shore facilities, following a long journey that was paused during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coast Guard embraces direct commissioning for cyber personnel

The maritime military branch opened up its direct commissioning program to cyber roles in cyberspace operations, cybersecurity, information assurance and cyber threat intelligence.