Coast Guard

The Dangerous Myth of an 'Icebreaker Gap'

The U.S. fleet of icebreaking ships is already too small to handle its Arctic duties. Don't stretch it further with a made-up military mission.

With Oil Revenue Down, Commercial Firms Eye Military Business

The companies showed up at a massive naval trade show, ready to work.

The US Coast Guard Is (Quietly) Building Up Allies in the Arctic

A new forum frees up Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the U.S. and Russia to talk formally about security in a way prohibited by the Arctic Council charter.

The US-Cuba Turnaround Just Raised the Stakes for Border Security

Expanding travel and commerce will likely result in significant spikes in air traffic, merchant ships and small vessel traffic across a network of maritime ports. By Pat DeQuattro

Is the U.S. Ready to Patrol the Arctic?

A sobering look at America's ice-cutter fleet as it prepares to chair the 8-nation Arctic Council next year. By Marina Koren