Conference Wire

GEOINT 2022 Conference Wire: In the Spotlight

The Ukraine war has put space imagery and mapping at the center of discussion.

Space Symposium 2022 Conference Wire: Tracking Hypersonics

Satellites that can spot maneuvering missiles were among the hot topics at the conference's Day 3.

Sea-Air-Space 2022 Conference Wire: Ukraine Lessons

A former CNO looks at the Russian invasion, and and other news from the naval conference's Day 2.

Sea-Air-Space 2022 Conference Wire: Battle-Ready Carrier

The USS Ford reached initial readiness in December, and other news from the naval conference's Day 2.

Space Symposium 2022 Conference Wire: Sky Eyes

The intelligence community is relying on commercial satellite imagery to keep tabs on Russia, and more from Day 2.

Sea-Air-Space 2022 Conference Wire: How Big a Fleet?

Naval leaders were pressed on plans to shrink the fleet and lighten the Marine Corps.

WEST 2022 Conference Wire: Comms Challenges

PacFleet commander wants better information-sharing with allies, while a lawmaker wants more clarity in Navy messaging,

WEST 2022 Conference Wire: What Navy Leaders Want

New capabilities are great, they say. But don't forget maintainability, training, and user interfaces.

WEST 2022 Conference Wire: In-Person & Uncertain

The naval-themed conference is back in San Diego after a pandemic gap year.

DODIIS Conference Wire: USAF's Information Warfare

On Day 2 of the conference, a look at how the Air Force's new IW operating concepts.

DODIIS Conference Wire: AI's Promise and Peril

As DODIIS opened, several leaders said machine learning would help keep tabs on Russian and Chinese advances—eventually.

DODIIS Conference Wire: What to Look For

Some 3,000 people are expected to attend this year's edition of the DIA's IT-and-intelligence conference.

AUSA Conference Wire: Opening Numbers

33,000 expected as the Association of the U.S. Army opens its big annual show in Washington, D.C.

AFA Conference Wire: New Space Force Uniforms, Hub-and-Spoke

News and notes from the 2021 Air Force Association's Air, Space & Cyber conference.

AFA Conference Wire: Force Mixes and COVID Masks

Vaccine cards and masks are back on the agenda for the 2021 Air Force Association.

Conference Wire: Navy Eyes Greater Space Capabilities

The final day of the 2021 Space Symposium saw Navy officials talk—just a bit—about their plans.