Companies Prepare to Spend More on Cybersecurity Under New Rules

Despite some complaints about the White House's new tack, industry leaders say most recognize the need for better defenses.

Sketching Out the Rules for Offensive Cyber Operations

The White House released the first-ever National Cybersecurity Strategy this week. It leaves the door open for more defined use cases for cyber operations.

New National Cyber Strategy: Raise Defensive Baseline for Critical Infrastructure

The White House wants to get electrical systems, gas pipelines, water treatment plants, and more up to a consistent level of cybersecurity.

How The Navy Trains Its Info Warfare Officers Needs Work

The goal is to expand the training into virtual and synthetic environments in the next few years.

One Year In: What Are The Lessons from Ukraine For The Future Of War?

From drones to network attacks to the LikeWar of social media, the conflict marks a turning point from old to new.

Can a New Information-Security Approach Save the Navy $1B a Year?

The CIO touts his Cyber Ready plan for continuous vulnerability monitoring.

Expect Pentagon's Cyber-Worker Strategy 'Any Day Now'

Plan aims to attract smart, effective people, in part by reducing education and certification requirements.

The Pentagon Has Unimplemented Cyber Recommendations from 2012

A new report from the Office of Inspector General points out longstanding unmet requests.

Tougher Cybersecurity Rules May Be More than a Year Away—But Don’t Wait to Get Ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe more reporting requirements as well.

To Protect Satellites, Secure Your Networks, Chief of Space Ops Says

Cyber attacks can undermine space-based capabilities, Gen. Chance Saltzman said.

Army's Digital-Transformation Chief to Step Down

After two years of ushering the service toward cloud-based services, CIO Raj Iyer will leave "over the next several weeks."

Foreign Meddling in US Elections Affects Allies’ Trust, Study Finds

When respondents were told that American democracy wasn’t working reliably, they lost faith in the U.S. commitment to partnerships.

New Ranking Member Could Shake up a Key Senate Oversight Committee

A new Republican on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee wants the body to "reassert itself."

Musk Has Reduced Twitter’s Ability to Spot Foreign Disinformation, a Former Data Scientist Says

Staff layoffs are just one way the new CEO has undermined the platform’s three-legged approach to the problem.