New ODNI Report Sees Growing Cyber Threats, COVID-Related Instability

Intelligence heads will brief lawmakers on Wednesday about threats from China, Russia, others.

White House Wants Industry Input on New Software Security Rules

The administration wants to make sure the private sector has the ability to weigh in on procurement standards in an impending executive order.

Experts Torn on Proper Role of National Cyber Director

Former officials say someone needs to coordinate government entities but weighed pros and cons to the position being located within the National Security Council.

Electric Cars, Smart Refrigerators Pose Cyber Risk To US Utilities, GAO Finds

The risks aren’t well understood by researchers, in part because of local and state control of electrical utilities.

War is Changing. So Should the Pentagon’s Budget

Beyond aircraft carriers, missiles, and riflemen, the next wars will be fought with data, digital platforms, and networks.

Senators Offer to Let NSA Hunt Cyber Actors Inside the US

After SolarWinds hack, Gen. Nakasone seeks some sort of a fix for the cybersecurity ‘blind spot’ against Russia, China, but others cite privacy concerns in potential expanded authorities.

These Are the Riskiest ‘Smart City’ Technologies, Cybersecurity Experts Say

Technology like sensors built into infrastructure and emergency alerts has possible benefits, but in a new study dozens of experts weigh in on where some of the more significant pitfalls may lie.

Splitting NSA, CyberCom Now Could Reduce Military Access to Intelligence, Milley Says

The Joint Chiefs chairman says the organizations have not yet worked out how to keep the data flowing after the long-awaited split.

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Quid Pro Quo

Require companies to disclose breaches to the government in exchange for legal liability limitations.

Defense Innovation Unit Launched 23 Projects Last Year, Up One-Third

The group also sent 11 capabilities to Defense Department partners, according to its annual report.

Space Firms Put Aside Rivalries to Share Threat Data

A new clearinghouse has begun gathering and distributing information about threats to space networks, products, and services.

Should the Pentagon Reform Its Bid-Protest Rules?

Microsoft's president told senators yes, but bid protests hit a 10-year low last year.

White House Prepping Multi-Part Executive Order on SolarWinds Hack

The official leading the effort said changes are necessary to improve information sharing within the federal government.

We Must Reorient US Cyber Strategy Around the Only Safe Assumption

We should assume adversaries are already in our networks — and Congress should take these five steps to mitigate the damage.

Defense Sector's Health Gets a 'C' From Industry Group

An NDIA-Govini report says increases in cyber vulnerabilities hurt the industry in 2020.