China is turning to private firms for offensive cyber operations

Leaked documents reveal prices, clients, targets, and more.

Russian used US systems for pre-invasion attack on Ukraine, US says

The 22-year-old allegedly used an unnamed U.S. company's "infrastructure" to inject WhisperGate malware into Ukrainian government networks.

Attacks against defense industrial base increasing, NSA chief warns

The Pentagon is pushing ahead with zero-trust plans to automate defenses against future threats.

Pentagon background-check systems at risk of hacking, GAO says

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency didn’t fully implement DOD’s cybersecurity process, a new report finds.

Nine takeaways from ProPublica's investigation into Microsoft’s cybersecurity failures

A whistleblower repeatedly tried to get the tech giant to fix a security flaw that left millions of users exposed—including contractors, the State Department, and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

G7 nations tell China to ‘act responsibly’ in cyberspace

The nations have frequently pointed to China as a top cyber adversary.

'I feel really good' about election security, former NSA chief says

Paul Nakasone says the intelligence community has everything it needs to fight election interference.

Marine Corps seeks to boost cyber and signals skills with new recruitment program

The trial program would give civilians a chance to enlist as staff non-commissioned officers if they have the required skills.

Space Force inches closer to classified remote work

The platform could be a popular remote-work solution for Space Systems Command.

Navy looks to Army for more data analytics capability

The sea service is also planning to release a new information strategy in July.

CYBERCOM, DARPA pen agreement to speed up advanced cyberwarfare research

The accord follows a 2022 announcement of the joint-agency Constellation cyber prototyping program.

A new way to sound the alarm about open-source hacks

Recent attempts to sabotage free-to-use software components have a leading developers group working to spread the word about exploits.

The Air Force needs more in-house coders

Andrew Hunter, the service’s lead buyer, said adding experts on staff would make the government a better software customer.