Biden Goes After China’s Cyber Attackers

U.S. and allies blame China’s government, announce new measures to fight a massive cyber criminal ring akin to Russia’s, but threaten no sanctions yet.

The US Desperately Needs a Civilian Cybersecurity Corps

Bipartisan legislation aims to augment the National Guard’s cyber reservists, but a wholly civilian component could be larger and more flexible.

Biden Urges Putin to Give up Russian Ransomware Gangsters, Threatens Unspecified 'Consequences'

The President is talking tougher on Russian criminal cyber gangs, but still isn’t naming specific penalties.

When Does a ‘Cyber Attack’ Demand Retaliation? NATO Broadens Its View

A set of “malicious cumulative cyber activities” may now amount to an armed attack.

New Laws Are ‘Probably Needed’ to Force US Firms to Patch Known Cyber Vulnerabilities, NSA Official Says

Too many firms are shying away from replacing old gear that is only getting easier for criminals to attack

Digital Authoritarianism is a National Security Threat, Pentagon Cyber Leader Says

The U.S. must fund the development of technology that can compete with the offerings of authoritarian countries, said Mieke Eoyang, deputy assistant defense secretary for cyber policy.

US Companies Won’t Pay to Prepare for Cyber Attacks. Congress Must Step In

A combination of funding and regulation is needed to boost the defenses and resilience of the corporations that America depends on.

NATO Members Agree to Broad Tech, Environmental Agenda

A new tech accelerator and innovation fund comes with new commitments on cyber resilience and a collective look at emissions.

Biden Requests Less Than 1% Boost to Pentagon R&D, Despite Hyping New Defense Tech

As the Defense Department shifts its focus toward more technologically advanced potential adversaries, it will have to research and develop more and sustain less.

Is DarkSide Really Sorry? Is It Even DarkSide?

Deciphering the mysterious apology of the mysterious group that shut down a major U.S. pipeline.

The Next Big Gasoline Shortage Is Coming

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot ignore the warning signs for future catastrophes.

Army’s Cybersecurity ‘Greatly Concerns’ Wormuth After Pipeline Attack

Biden’s SecArmy nominee told the Senate she’d fight deep troop cuts and support long-range fires and new measures against sexual crimes and extremism, if confirmed.

White House Aims To Beef Up Nation’s Cybersecurity After Pipeline Hack

A new executive order shifts how the government buys software and gives consumers visibility into products’ security features.

Why National Cyber Defense Is a ‘Wicked’ Problem

Vulnerable supply chains, sloppy security, and a talent shortage made events like the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds hack all but inevitable.

To Understand 'Zero Trust,' Look to the Roman Empire

When the Romans realized that they could no longer prevent border incursions, they developed methods of fighting the attackers within.


Free the Data: Vice Chiefs Launch an Acquisition Crusade

Better access to weapon data is crucial to faster Pentagon purchasing — and dangerous to industry business models.