Coast Guard Academy Graduates its First Cyber Majors

A "handful" of new cyber specialists will go to the service's Cyber Command headquarters for their initial assignment.

The Army Wants to Change How It Manages Cyber Risk

The service is working to stand up a risk management council in the coming month.

What Does Musk's Purchase of Twitter Mean for Disinformation?

His free-speech values could undermine the site's efforts to stem foreign influence operations.

Russian Scientists Say They Have A New System to Monitor Attacks on the Russian Internet

Attacks on Russian web services have grown considerably since the start of the invasion.

Missing in Action: Russian Cyberattacks

Their general absence from the Ukraine invasion suggests that cyber and military operations serve different political objectives.

Like the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, But for Cyber

The tasks of coordinating cybersecurity efforts and growing a cyber workforce is too big for a White House office and too fluid for a full department.

If Russia Hacks a US Satellite, Is It an Act of War?

After a Russian official issued dire warnings against tampering with satellites, U.S. officials declined to follow suit.

Ukraine Braces for Sharper Russian Cyber Attacks

Kyiv recruits "IT Army," receives satellite terminals. But worse is to come, says Senate intel committee chair.

Moscow Retaliates as Online Giants Take Steps to Stem Disinformation

As Kremlin limits access to Twitter and Facebook, Western observers say the tech companies' moves are years late.

Iran-Linked Hackers Probing US Networks, Intel Agencies Warn

Active “cyber operations against government and commercial networks” may seek to take advantage of defenders' focus on Russia.

Biden ‘Prepared to Respond’ If Russia Cyberattacks US

The White House also announced sanctions to limit Russia’s access to cutting-edge technologies.

More Cyber Attacks Disable Ukrainian Websites

Wednesday’s denial-of-service attacks on government, financial sites resemble earlier ones attributed to Russia.

US Companies Warned to Prepare for Russian Cyber Attacks

DOJ’s Lisa Monaco warns industry to harden defenses; Ukraine’s foreign weapons systems are a likely target for Russian hackers.

Agencies Must Measure Cybersecurity Improvements, Report Says

Federal agencies tasked with critical infrastructure risk management aren't measuring improvements made by the adoption of new guidelines, according to a watchdog report.