Defense One Summit

The Pentagon's Massive IT Overhaul Is 'Redefining' Intelligence Collection

It isn’t uncommon for U.S. intelligence analysts to ping several hundred or more databases separately to collect information. That may soon change.

What the Syrian Train-and-Equip Effort Could Learn from US Ops in Africa

The commander of U.S. special operators in Africa also says African warlord Joseph Kony is on the run — but he needs more authority from Congress to broaden the U.S. military’s mission in Africa.

Work: 'The Age of Everything Is the Era of Grand Strategy'

Deputy defense secretary lays out his views on 15 years of change.

Clapper Doesn't Rule Out Possibility That ISIS Took Down Russian Jetliner

But the director of national intelligence, speaking at the Defense One Summit, called it ‘unlikely.’

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Vickers: Boots on the Ground Not Necessary for Intel in Iraq

Defense intelligence collection has reached pivotal point, says the Defense Department’s Undersecretary for Intelligence Michael Vickers. By Patrick Tucker

LIVE: The 2014 Defense One Summit

Follow all of the conversations, insights and debates during the Defense One Summit.

Congressmen Criticize Pentagon 'Wall' of Silence

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and other senior leaders reject Rep. Duncan Hunter’s assertion that there’s an information barrier between Capitol Hill and DOD. By Kevin Baron

Pentagon's Hale Still Optimistic About a Budget 'Micro-Deal'

With sequestration "taking its toll," Hale says that the Congress must move forward and agree to a plan that provides the DOD some stability. By Charles Clark

Defense One Summit: Video On Demand

Watch Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Under Secretary Bob Hale, Air Force Secretary Eric Fanning, and more conversations and talks from Defense One Summit at this portal. By Defense One Staff

Hagel Defends Kerry’s Engagement with Iran

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says “engagement” with Iran isn’t “negotiation” and defends the Secretary of State for reaching out. By Stephanie Gaskell

How Music Could Be Used as a Weapon at Sea

Cyber experts believe that malicious soundwaves could be deployed to paralyze a ship's electronic systems. By Aliya Sternstein

Fanning: Air Force Having Trouble Keeping Pilots, and Pay Isn’t the Problem

Pilots don’t just want bonuses, they want to be able to fly, says acting Secretary Eric Fanning. By Tom Shoop

Defense One Summit Live Streaming Video

Follow all of the conversations, insights and debates during the Defense One Summit. By Defense One Staff

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to Headline Defense One Summit

Hagel will lead a growing lineup of national security leaders to discuss the future U.S. role in global security. By Kevin Baron

Announcing the Inaugural Defense One Summit

Defense One is gathering national security and defense leaders to discuss the future of U.S. global security responsibilities and power. By Kevin Baron