Is NGAD slipping off the table? Air Force chief declines to confirm plans to build next-gen fighter

“We're going to have to make those choices” in the next few years, Gen. Allvin says at an AFA event.


House defense bills on collision course over F-35, second sub

Appropriators would boost, not cut, jet purchases, and hew to the Navy’s submarine-building plan.


Biden threatens veto as GOP outlines proposed FY25 cuts

House Republicans propose cutting $700m from military construction, 12% of State and USAID funding, and more.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 154: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 3: The wider world

In the final episode in a three-part series, we revisit the guns-vs.-butter debate and take another look at the consequences of Washington's "porcupine" strategy for Taiwan's defense.

Science & Tech

B-2 that caught fire in 2022 won’t be fixed, Air Force confirms

That will leave just 19 of the stealth bombers, according to the service’s new force-structure plan.


Australia aims to double its naval fleet. Can its plan work?

Questions remain about financial commitment, manpower, schedule, and ability to avoid acquisition missteps.


Global defense spending jumped in 2023

Security crises drove year-over-year growth to its highest level in a decade.


Air Force’s wishlist includes money for parts and readiness

The $3.5 billion “unfunded priorities” list also includes money for exercises and military construction projects.


House passes $825B defense bill, racing the clock to avoid shutdown

Bill includes new money for ships, planes, ground combat vehicles, and AI.


Navy offers 2-option shipbuilding plan

One path shows the service's desired path; the other, a plan for no real growth in the Navy budget.


Use 'hedge forces' to break the Pentagon's force-structure death spiral

The U.S. military must move away from exquisite general-purpose units and weapons.