Egypt and America Are Destined to Disappoint Each Other

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s supporters in Washington are about to get mugged by reality: His regime is alarmingly weak.

Beyond Syria’s Ceasefire, Activists Nervously Preparing for Post-War Politics

Egypt’s pro-democracy leaders hope Syrians are better prepared for the day after the dictator.

Russia Suspends Egypt Flights as West's Bomb Fears Grow

As Egyptian and Russian officials continue to investigate, President Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron say it looks increasingly likely terrorism was to blame for Saturday's crash.

Drifting Down The Nile: US, Egypt Prepare to Talk

The upcoming strategic dialogue will seek to expand the relationship beyond security issues—or maybe just get things back on track.

Attach Human-Rights Conditions to Aid for Egypt

The connection between curbing Cairo’s abuses and U.S. interests in the region is not so much hidden as ignored.

Is Egypt Stable? Is That Even The Right Question?

Whether or not Egypt’s new political order will exist from 12 months to five years from now hinges more on the durability of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi than any any temporary calm.

Arms Won’t Keep US, Egypt From Drifting Apart

Despite Egypt's new US-acquired jets, tanks and missiles, the Washington-Cairo relationship is running on fumes.

The Part of Obama’s Arms-To-Egypt Deal That Matters

The shift to cash-flow financing may sound arcane, but it represents the most significant shift in the Washington-Cairo security relationship since 1979.

White House Reversal Will Send Arms to Egypt

Obama sidelines his insistence on democratic reform, hoping to restart Washington-Cairo dialogue.

Is Egypt on the Verge of Another Uprising?

Four years after taking power in a military coup, Egypt's Sisi is younger and sharper than his predecessor -- but he’s applying the same tools to the same problems. By Thanassis Cambanis

The Slow Slide Toward Dictatorship Taking Place in Egypt and Turkey

The governments of Cairo and Ankara rounded up dozens of critics this past weekend as the two U.S. allies increasingly crack down on dissent with intimidation and violence. By Steven A. Cook

Is the Special Relationship Between the US and Egypt Over?

Too much mistrust has built up between Washington and Cairo for the partnership to return to business as usual. By Bernard Gwertzman

What Egypt Stands to Win From the Gaza Conflict

Egypt just might be the last best hope for a cease-fire in Gaza. By Keveh Waddell

The U.S. Must Deny Russian Influence in Egypt

Washington can hit two birds with one stone by re-engaging Cairo: combat Moscow's influence and fight terrorism. By Melissa Hersh

Why Saudi Arabia's (Still) Upset with Obama over Iran, Syria and Egypt

Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia 'didn't solve' serious differences. By Bernard Gwertzman

The U.S. Dilemma in Egypt

There's a lot of worry in the United States that Egypt is going down a path of persistent instability. By Bernard Gwertzman

The Egyptian Revolution Has Failed

Recent press crackdowns by the government mirror the tactics used by Mubarak’s authoritarian regime. By Shaheen Pasha