Task Force Gator Back to Training Ukrainians as Battle Rages For the Donbas

A Florida National Guard unit that withdrew just before Moscow invaded is back to teaching as Russia reveals its weak spots.

‘We Should Have Been There’: Marine General Laments the State of the Amphib Navy

A failure to deploy in February illustrates the low readiness of the nation’s amphibious warships, a Marine three-star tells Defense One.

Sweden, Finland Gave Up Neutrality a Long Time Ago

Their collective-defense rights as EU members suggest a way forward for Ukraine.

NATO Membership for Sweden Would Be ‘A Small Step For The Military, But A Giant Leap For The Political System’

It would be just a “technical step” for the militaries to formally join, a Swedish military official said.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 98: Arming Ukraine and ‘The Return of Conquest?’

Defense One's Marcus Weisgerber discusses the multi-national effort to arm Ukraine, and Tanisha Fazal shares her concerns about international norms, Putin's legacy, and a possible return to an age of conquest.

Ukraine Endgame: Putin’s Bad Options

No matter which one he chooses, the Western response should be the same.

Poland Won’t Recognize Russian Gains in Ukraine, Ambassador Says

The ambassador said European allies will face “tremendous pressure” to return relations with Russia to normal after the war.

NATO Should Start Preparing Troops For a Nuclear Battlefield

Our own history can help prepare for the physical and psychological effects should Russia use tactical nukes in the next conflict.

Russia’s Invasion a ‘Game Changer’ for EU Membership, French Ambassador Says

The war on Ukraine “changes the history of our continent,” the ambassador said.

Give Ukraine Better Air Defenses

If other European capitals want to avoid Kyiv’s fate, they must arm Ukraine with better defenses against Russia’s missile onslaught.

After Losses, Russia Regroups for the Donbas and Names ‘Butcher of Syria’ Head of Ukraine Ops

A convoy of artillery, aviation support is heading toward Izium. ‘We’re all bracing ourselves’ for what’s next, Pentagon says.

For a Lasting Peace, Europe Must Embrace Russia

The U.S. and the West should follow six principles to bring Russia into a “Europe whole and free,” as G.H.W. Bush envisioned in 1989.

Russia, Ukraine, and the Misuse of History

Strained analogies do nothing but mislead us about what comes next.

What Is China Learning from the Ukraine War?

From battlefield concepts to geopolitics, Beijing is sure to be watching with avid interest—and some chagrin.