Defense One Radio, Ep. 141: Year in review

We take stock of our last 12 months of interviews, featuring conversations with generals, White House officials, researchers, authors, our own reporters, and many more.


Space Force sets up shop in Europe, Africa combatant commands

SPACEFOREUR-AF is the latest office created to serve warfighting commands around the world.


Pentagon presses Congress to enable AUKUS' next stage

AI-powered subhunters, quantum gear among areas for cooperation under 'Pillar Two' of the trilateral tech-research pact.


NATO innovation accelerator announces first class of startups to get help

The alliance is looking to support tech development on the European side of the Atlantic.


In race to make artillery shells, US, EU see different results

DOD’s early success may founder on Congressional inaction, while Europe’s private firms await orders.

Exclusive Business

Import records illuminate Ukraine’s desperate hunt for arms and ammo

Kyiv is paying exorbitant prices for Soviet-designed materiel, and has even managed to obtain Swiss ammo despite Geneva's ban.


SecDef: Pulling Ukraine support would hand Putin a major win

Secretaries of state and defense urge Congress to pass $106B supplemental to support Israel and Ukraine—and send aid elsewhere as well.


Documents confirm that Ukraine is importing Turkish cluster munitions

Official data backs up earlier reporting on a second Ukrainian source for the controversial weapons.