Odierno: Ukraine Shows Us ‘You Never Know What’s Around the Corner’

In an exclusive interview with Defense One, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno talks about the future of the Army and the threats posed by an unstable world. By James Kitfield

Better Buying Power 4 Years On: Is It Making a Difference?

The plan to replace the V-XX, the president’s Marine One helicopter, is an example of the success of Better Buying Power. By Frank Kendall

Eliminating Double Standards in the Marine Corps

Gen. Amos was right to change the policy prohibiting women from taking the Infantry Officer Course twice. By Rep. Duncan Hunter

Realizing the Asia-Pacific Rebalance

Why the pivot to Asia ‘remains front and center in our national security strategy.’ By Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

It’s Time to Award More Medals of Honor for Iraq Vets

No more excuses. No more sidestepping. Secretary Hagel should start naming living Medal of Honor recipients from the Iraq war. By Rep. Duncan Hunter

The Biggest Threat to the Pentagon’s Budget Is Entitlement Spending

Our failure to reform mandatory spending is adversely impacting our nation and our national security. By Rep. Scott Rigell

Congress Must Be Willing to Do More With Less Defense Spending

Those who think America spends too much for national defense are as mistaken as those who think that larger defense budget numbers translate into strong security. By Rep. Duncan Hunter

Why the U.S. Should Use British Missiles on Reaper Drones

For compatibility and cost-effectiveness, military cooperation between nations must start from the beginning. By Peter Westmacott

Dempsey’s Message on Women in Combat: Trust Transcends Gender

One year ago this month, the military repealed the combat exclusion for women. Here’s my message. By Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey

Hagel’s Nuclear Site Tour Is a Good Start

Perhaps Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has come around on nuclear disarmament in visiting the troops this week. It’s a good bet he won’t like what he hears. By Rep. Mike Rogers

Why the Central African Republic Crisis Is a Security Problem for the U.S.

The Central African Republic is poor, landlocked and politically broken. But the U.S. still has a responsibility to help end the violence there. By Madeleine Albright

Manage Defense Spending Through ‘Better Buying Power,’ Not Sequestration

If sequestration holds, the Pentagon will face inefficient funding choices that will reduce our buying power. By Ashton B. Carter

Why Taking Sexual Assault Cases Out of the Chain of Command Protects Our Troops

The Military Justice Improvement Act will help victims of sexual assault get a fair chance at justice. By Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

How the U.S. Can Maintain the Undersea Advantage

The U.S. should not assume its military advantage is guaranteed under the sea, where the traffic and threats are getting more crowded than ever. By Adm. Jonathan Greenert

TRADOC Commander: Train on Ability, Regardless of Gender

Soldier 2020 is the Army’s deliberate effort to level the military career playing field for men and women. Here is what to expect and why. By Gen. Robert W. Cone

Exclusive: NSA Loophole Keeps Congress Clueless on Foreign Intel Violations

The leaked audit showing the NSA broke privacy rules nearly 3,000 times in one year is just the tip of the iceberg. The NSA is not telling Congress much more. By Marc Ambinder

Gen. Amos on Reinventing the Marines, Owning Sequester and Why COIN Is More Relevant Than Ever

The Marine Commandant talks about the future of warfare and how budget cuts are here to stay. By Stephanie Gaskell