Foreign Policy

Putin Suddenly Looks Very Small

With Trump out of office, the Russian leader has nobody else. Biden has NATO, the G-7, and the upper hand.

Russia, US Will Launch Arms Control Talks To Avoid ‘Accidental War’

The agreement reached during the summit between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is “a positive first step,” according to one analyst.

How the U.S. Can Beat the Semiconductor Shortage (and China)

We must reverse our reliance on foreign manufacturing and build a better microelectronic systems industrial base.

How Biden Can Leverage Missile Defense in His Summit with Putin

Putting it on the table would put the United States in the driver’s seat in strategic stability talks.

The Biden-Putin Summit Could Produce Both a Little And a Lot

Moscow’s hybrid-war efforts limit what Wednesday’s meeting can accomplish, but even small agreements would make a big difference.

After Trump ‘Chaos,’ National Security Council Seeks a Return to ‘Regular Order’

The Biden White House is reinvigorating an interagency process some argue had largely halted under the Trump administration.

Indian Democracy Is On The Ropes. The US Must Act

There are still things U.S. policymakers can do to shore up the world’s largest democracy.

For Now, ‘Over the Horizon’ Protection for Afghanistan Will Fly From Existing Hubs, Acting Air Force Secretary Says

Service wants $10 billion for South Asia and Middle East operations as Pentagon develops long-term plan for Afghanistan support.

How China Steals US Tech to Catch Up in Underwater Warfare

From legal filings to a Chinese lab’s website, open source documents provide an illuminating trail.

In Europe, Biden Hopes to Ease Fears of an American Return to Trumpism

The president will point to America’s actions—and his election—as evidence that the United States can be a trusted partner again.

US Could Close Kabul Embassy If Future Afghanistan Government Includes Taliban, Top General Says

CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie says U.S. military will still be able to help interpreters and other Afghan helpers after departure.

Unity Will Be ‘Key Message’ in Biden’s First International Trip

Aides say COVID, China, and climate change will be discussed, but a top message is reaffirming America’s close partnership with allies.

Libya’s UAV Strike Should Galvanize Efforts to Do Something About Autonomous Weapons

Thorny definitional questions aren’t going to get easier, but the time to settle them has come.

Other Regimes Will Hijack Planes Too

If Belarus gets away with it, authoritarian dictators around the world will have a new tool of oppression.

Biden Seeks State Department Budget Boost, But Ambassador Nominations Lag

Slow pace of nominations is the “missing piece" of the president's drive to emphasize diplomacy’s importance in foreign policy, one analyst said.

Your Home Insurance Policy Helps Illustrate Why Modern Conflict Is Destabilizing

Will insurers pay to repair houses in Gaza? How about U.S. infrastructure damaged by state-sponsored ransomware?

Three Political Crises Drove the Gaza Violence

Millions of civilians were endangered by three sets of beleaguered politicians who lack a popular mandate.