Guantanamo Is Becoming a Nursing Home for Its Aging Terror Suspects

The Pentagon is required to give Gitmo detainees the same medical care as U.S. troops. How's that going to work?

As ISIS Fight Winds Down in Syria, Detainee Numbers Are Rising

Nearly 1,000 foreign fighters are in custody, U.S. Special Ops commander says — and in legal limbo.

The US Military Held an American as an Enemy Combatant for Over a Year. Here’s What That Means.

The case could have upended the entire war on ISIS. Instead, it’s changing how we treat some detainees.

How Trump Just Might Close Guantanamo Prison

The president asked SecDef and Congress to ensure that detention policies support warfighting aims. That should mean shutting Gitmo down.

US-Backed Syrian Force Holding ‘Hundreds’ of ISIS Foreign Fighters

A day after CENTCOM'S leader says they should face prosecution at home, Trump hints at Gitmo option.

Obama’s Gitmo Closure Plan: What’s New and Where the Problems Are

The White House’s plan gives Congress 13 different sites to choose from—and just added a lot of fuel to an already heated topic in a national security election year.

Pentagon Sends Obama Plan to Close Guantanamo, Move Detainees to US

Hours after 10 percent of the remaining detainees leave Cuba, the defense secretary said he’s handed the president a plan for “Gitmo North.”

After Guantanamo, Two Detainees Try To Put Their Lives Back Together in Ghana

Here’s how the Yemeni men are being treated and what they say about their long incarceration.

Here’s What America’s Longest-Serving General Most Fears

Gen. John Kelly, commander of U.S. Southern Command, goes “over the side for the last time” with 45 years of perspective on U.S. war-fighting and its future.

Guantanamo Set to Transfer 17 Prisoners, A Milestone in Several Ways

President Obama isn’t letting a legislative freeze stop him from whittling the detainee population to meet a long-held goal.

Ignoring Guantanamo Won’t Make It Go Away

Fixing the mistakes of Gitmo will require Americans to step up and shoulder the burdens of war.

Carter: US Military May Start Handing Captured ISIS Over to Law Enforcement

U.S. eyeing 'full range' of options, including transfers to international authorities.

Obama Doesn't Know What He'll Do When US Troops Capture an ISIS Leader

The president is now sending special operators on ISIS capture missions. He has less than 90 days to tell Congress what he plans to do with them.

Obama Quietly Signs Guantanamo Freeze Into Law — But Hints at Executive Action

The president gave the defense authorization bill his signature, but rejected what he called unconstitutional restrictions on his push to close the U.S. military prison in Cuba.

White House Delays Plan to Close Guantanamo, Again

The long-awaited plan, due this past week, has been delayed indefinitely.