The Navy is using robot ships to deter human smuggling out of Haiti

4th Fleet’s experiments with unmanned systems are a “game changer” for monitoring illicit activity, commander says

Expect China to attack US infrastructure within 3 years, MITRE CTO says

The US needs to figure out how to disconnect its industrial-control systems from its networks—and fast, says a top leader of the defense R&D not-for-profit.

Jan. 6 showed the power of 'networked incitement'

A media and disinformation expert explains the danger of political violence orchestrated over social media.

DHS aims to lead in fight against ‘adversarial’ AI

The Homeland Security Department is already putting artificial-intelligence tools to use—largely against AI-powered threats.

To solve national security problems, the US may have to rethink higher education

Advanced STEM degrees take too much time and cost too much, said the former science and tech head at Homeland Security.

Russian cruise missiles have US Air Force scouting for thousands of acres of land

Six over-the-horizon radar sites are envisioned in the United States and Canada, say officials with prospective bidder Raytheon.

The newest threat to elections is AI-boosted disinformation

Studying how Russia, China, and Iran meddle in other countries can help the U.S. prepare for 2024.

Can a nationwide emergency-alert test restore public trust?

The Oct. 4 text message is supposed to reach all compatible devices in the U.S. It could shed light on how government agencies can improve their emergency communications.

U.S. indicts, sanctions Chinese companies linked to fentanyl trade

“Nearly all fentanyl precursors come from China,” one official said.

Predictive policing software terrible at predicting crimes

A software company sold a New Jersey police department an algorithm that was right less than 1% of the time.

Ransomware gang targeting defense firms, FBI warns

The Snatch ransomware group has been learning from others to improve its own ploys, including data theft and double extortion, cyber authorities say.