National Guard Commander To Testify ‘Excessive Force’ Used on White House Protesters

Officer on the scene saw spent tear gas canisters, contradicting key details of Attorney General Barr’s account of the controversial night.

Ep. 73: Monuments, terrorism and the American white power movement

'Each time the white supremacist movement has surged in the U.S., that surge has been mirrored by a similar increase within the armed forces.'

Trump Is Determined to Split the Country in Two

He’s trying to rally red America by portraying blue cities as a threat, and then positioning himself as the human wall against them.

America’s Innovation Engine Is Slowing

Universities are in trouble and the influx of brainpower from overseas is shrinking. The long-term consequences could be disastrous.

Justice Official Explains Why Law Enforcement is Worried about 5G

As the government works to deploy next generation networking technology, policy discussions highlight rifts between agency stakeholders.

Trump Is Putting On a Show in Portland

The president is deploying the kind of performative authoritarianism that Vladimir Putin pioneered.

Trump Sending ‘Surge’ of Federal Forces Into Chicago; More Cities to Come

Attorney General Barr said Operation Legend would be different than last week’s crackdown on protesters in Oregon.

Top Intel Dem Demands Information On DHS Surveillance Of Protesters

Heavy-handed tactics by the DHS in Portland, where protests have gripped the city for almost two months, have drawn intense scrutiny in Washington.

Nothing Can Justify the Attack on Portland

The question of whether these arrests are appropriate has a clear answer—at least in a nation that purports to live under the rule of law.

America Gets an Interior Ministry

President Trump is cobbling together something the United States has never had before: a national police force, used to quell protests.

Tomorrow's Presidential Daily Briefing, By a Former PDB Writer

What must the president's morning threat assessments look like these days?

DHS’s Portland Stunt Could Undermine the Agency For Years, Former Officials Warn

"This is well outside the bounds of what the intent is of the federal protective services mission."

Top US General Slams Confederacy As ‘Treason’, Signals Support For Base Renaming

“Those generals fought for the institution of slavery,” Gen. Mark Milley told a House hearing.

Build a National Counter-Drone Network

Defensive drones stationed at airports and other likely points of attack could be teleoperated from one or more central facilities.

The US Pioneered Digital Contact Tracing. Why Aren't We Using It to Fight COVID-19?

Other countries' experience with tracing apps helps explain why.

The ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Designation Won’t Stop Extremism

Neither the historical record nor today's decentralization suggest that a government designation will have much effect

DHS Predicted A Summer of Violence, Radicalization, and Conspiracies

In an April 7 internal memo, Homeland Security officials warned that the pandemic's “extended isolation” could spark trouble.