The double-edged global ship tracking system

Houthi groups have used public tracking data to target commercial ships—revealing that staying undetected is trickier than just going dark digitally.

How GAO told the Air Force to redo $12B systems integration contract

The dispute over a Sentinel program integration support contract intensifies as BAE Systems and Guidehouse battle for the award, further adding to the Air Force's nuclear missile modernization woes.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 158: Tech Summit: The state of hypersonics

Our 2024 Tech Summit coverage continues with a discussion about the future of hypersonic missile research and development.

Army to seek industry help on AI

"We're not gonna develop our algorithms better than y’all,” a service acquisition leader told an industry conference.

US is buying new version of counter-IED jammer

Roadside-bomb markers aren't resting, and so neither is the Pentagon.

The price of each B-21 bomber is likely going up

The Air Force has agreed to a higher cost ceiling after Northrop took a loss on fixed-price lots.